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Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Benefit of Strawberry

Who didn't know about strawberry .The small shape with the light red in this fruit ,its really make us hungry.Strawberry not only delicious for us to eat but also has many good things.

Let's see now about strawberry and its user :

- The riset show that strawberry is rich with vitamin c and the most important the ph is safe for our bilge.

- We can make Strawberry as nature medicine for the acne.Need to know that all the acne medicine that sale in the market has acid salisilat that has many strawberry. Because of that the use of strawberry mask will be useful.Refined the strawberry and mix with a little yoghurt place it in the face, wait it more less 15 minutes.

- The riset show that drink 1 glass of strawberry every day can decrease the risk any kinds of cancer.Such as cervix cancer, and breast.

- The strawberry effect won't change at all,even process into juice,cake or jam.The riset prove that the rosted bread that has wipe by strawberry that contained 50% antiocsidan more than fresh strawberry.

- Strawberry is useful too for whitening the teeth and when bite the chemis as whitening.Its better for you to bite strawberry every day.Except the teeth become white,the bad smell from the mouth will gone.

- The nutrition is useful for softening body skin because its can pick up dead skin cell.Try to soak your body into strawberry pieces ,mix milk and olives oil.Brush smothly into all over your body and look the result .If it do daily the skin will become smothly and shining and your foot kneels not become dry.

- The scientiest say that strawberry also using to increase the power of brain and to protect the eye sight still bright.That positif thing from this you only can get if you consumption strawberry daily 1 or 3 glass a day.

So, do you want, choose Strawberry for your favorite fruit? ^^

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Starcraft 2

What picture is it? This was screen shot pictures game PC that was entitled Starcraft 2. Previously Starcraf that dropout from Blizzard could have gained the success all over the world. Now they come again to take their place. want to see the screenshot?

This time, fiture of Starcraft 2 better than before. Enjoy the screenshot.. ^^

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Friday, 30 January 2009

Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition

Bad news came from the lovers company. Honda S2000. Because Honda S2000 will be dismissed by the production. But Honda could prepare Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition. This Ultimate Edition version was made increase few sales S2000.

S2000 Ultimate Edition appeared with the white colour was wrapped the graphite plaque. The logo from S2000 that was also black could be seen around the vehicle part. This matter make this S2000 Limited Edition was seen more sporty.

Entered into the cabin, we will be welcomed by the seat that was wrapped in that red coloured skin in accordance with the gear lever (teeth). Only one part that was not touched that is the sector of the machine that still was relying on the machine 2.0L was powered by 237 HP.

The production of Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition was recorded will end in June. Apart from S2000, the other that was cancelled by this production was the NSX project, several the Acura cars (still one manufacturer with Honda), Cr-Z convertible and the machine V8 Configuration.

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Acer Aspire One

For a long time Acer in the Indonesian market in producing the computer which was competitive withthe other company famous computer. Certainly was not easy in guarded the performance that has been reached. what the next step that was carried out by Acer to the front?

In recent times Acer producting laptop that with the Linux operating system and was supplemented with SSD that was separated in 1 package. However the reader then could add SSD inside your Acer laptop . Acer also used the 10" screen that gave the ease to the active young executive and who often out door.

Good Bye Windows Xp :) .

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Unique Handphone

Now not only casing cellular phone that various kind. The producer of the cellular phone in fact began to create the form of the unique cellular phone.

The form of this one cellular phone was so unique, because of having the form as being proper for a Soda glasses. Be suitable to be a gift for your sweetheart or for your collection, because the price that was not too expensive, only costing $18.

also Gotten the similar cellular phone, with the form of the Santa Claus. Although Christmas just passed by, and seldom late. But if you were interested to collected it. Apparently was not wrong ^^ .

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Amazing Renoir KC 910 from LG

Renoir KC910 from LG is so amazing. After through various resistance tests, This Renoir still could function as well as. Like what any test or could be call as torture that was carried out against this one cellular phone.

This Renoir KC910 was left in the refrigerator with the temperature -20C for 12 hours, was dropped to the floor, was disobeyed, was thrown in the clothes dryer for 15 minutes, take some dust, was sunk in the drink of the wine and crush by the Ford Focus car. After that all, this LG Renoir KC90 was still functioning as well as, with only several scratches in the screen.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Yuen To Speaker music

If you including the person who liked cute things and not frightened to use money to buy something that was unique, although in fact might not. Then was suggested by me for you to buy this speaker one.

This speaker was called Yuen'To Music Ball aka Ballon music, one mono speaker that could be charge and was used for all the implements audio portable. This implement had power 7 watt, and could remain for 2 hours after charged, with fitur that not very much, this speaker was sold with $76,16 price. This Yuen'To Music Ball was available in various colours, that is passion pink, melow yellow, romantic red, bombastic blue, or boring black

This Speaker one is not the product that must be owned, but it could increase the cute of your iPod.

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Lexus Is-F Sports Line Black Bison Edition

The big manufacturer Lexus that previously take off model of Lexus Is-F was changed became Lexus Is-F Sports Line Black Bison Edition by tuner Wald International.

As a car that has been in the garage, Lexus Is-F very interesting for person who was not fanatical by some brand. Lexus carried the machine 5.0 L with the configuration of the machine V8 that could produce the power 417 HP and torsion as big as 317 ft-lb. Used the transmission 8 acceleration of sport direct-shift made the move raise and unload teeth only in time 1/10 the second (0,1 seconds).

Not only in machine and transmission sector that received the touch. For the exterior part has received the touch also. With the increase custom body kit available to the front bumper, the wings behind as well as diffuser. Did not miss the replacement of the rim that swelled to 20".

Some of the photo :

the machine and exterior sector has received the touch. How with the interior sector?

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Monday, 26 January 2009

Choco Phone Cellular

The famous bag and clothes company, Channel, launched the cellular phone that their the designed , what kind of the display from this Channel Cellular Phone?

This cellular phone was called Channel Choco Phone. Choco in the name of this cellular phone, was not significant that this cellular phone will be wrapped in the color of chocolate. This because, this cellular phone was seen like a chocolate when being not used. With 12 micro light fibre in this cellular phone so as the component - this cellular phone component was seen like glasses.

This cellular phone apparently will define the price was very expensive when compared with the other cellular phone. However for you that trapped high and wanted to have the exclusive cellular phone, as well as luxurious. Then phone cellular for you.

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DOTA Allstar

Who did not know this game? DOTA allstar was Game that used Warcraft III FT for play it and DOTA was the best and the most favorite strategy game in the world now. where being gotten 2 territories which always war, that is Scourge (Bad) and Sentinel (Good). We could choose 93 heroes with the different. And every hero, was gotten 6 slot to places item that could increase the status of the hero. There are 3 kind of the hero's , that is Strength, Agility and Intelligence.

Strength (Str)

Hero of the Str type was the hero who had the very strong defence. Generally the hero of this type, could keep the attack more than the others type hero but for the attack, this hero was very slow.

Agility (Agi)
Hero of the Agi type was the hero who had the speed and damage that was very deadly, but the hero of this type, had HP that relative smaller then Str hero. Hero of this type was the killer hero who became the central in their team.

Intelligence (Int)

Hero of the Int type was the hero who had HP very little, so this hero usually was easy to be killed, but, hero of this type, had Skill that was very deadly. This hero usually becomes Support for their team.

Generally in the battle, really was demanded, the existence of the combination between all the type hero. To further, I will write, one by one the Hero inside dota with their skill and their capacity, wait in my next post, okey? :) .

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Gong Xi Fat Choi

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Hello Kitty Keyboard

The innovation from the Hello Kitty make, again attacked the world of technology, specially the world of the computer. One of them was keyboard innovative that inspiration from this one cute character.

Last output from this Hello Kitty product was to be one keyboard QWERTY of the Japanese version. This unique Keyboard became increasingly cute, with the combination of the red color and pink, but also with funny picture on the switch of the keyboard. The price of this keyboard including expensive, but you could have it with the price $106.40. but, this keyboard newly available in japan.

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Jolicloud – OS for Your Laptop

Jolicloud, one of OS especially for laptop was developed by someone named Tariq Krim, How The Jolicloud work?

Tariq Krim made Jolicloud from results of the Linux modification. Jolicloud was designed especially to laptop that usually has the capacity and the speed under PC. Jolicloud promised time to boot that was faster compared to OS other and saw from screen shot above, apparently this OS will depend from their navigation capacity icon.

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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Black Circle Around The Eye

TIRED and noted get enough sleep could cause the black circle in and around the annoying eyes the appearance. Indeed could be deceived with the use concealear. However, not there is mistakenly if you destroyed round black that by means of natural. Was easy how come. Could be carried out by you personally in the house during the leisure or gazed at sleep. Really mixed a little salt in water. Then, used the water to wash the eyes. Guaranteed fresh and clean.

The other method that also could be tried by you were to dip cotton into the mixture and the cucumber of potato juice. Place cotton on the eyelids. Announced for 15-20 minutes. Then rinsed with cold water. Push slowly could also be the potent method of reducing the black circle in and around the eyes. You could use coconut oil, then push slowly the area around the eyes before sleeping. The black circle then immediately will vanish in several days.

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Israel Claim That Become Obama’s Friend

Just as Barack Hussein Obama was appointed, the Israeli government immediately claimed as “friend” United States President the African descendants. The "core" of the "American policy of course will not change," said Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Haim Ramon. Until now America always supported the country's Zionis action.

The strong candidate Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, also considered Obama really understood Israeli aggression to the Gaza Strip. “Obama understood the suffering us,” he said. The Islam world hoped concerned to Obama. "We will see how he studied on his preceding mistake," said the Hamas spokesperson, Fawzi Barhum. "This territory waited for your method to handle Palestine," said Egyptian President Husni Mubarak.

In Indonesia, Chairman Nahdlatul Ulama Ahmad Bagja commented, "Obama (possibly) immediately did not bring the change." When making a speech in Capitol Hill, Obama indeed spoke, "for the world" of "Muslim, we looked for the new method, was based on the feeling of need each other and honoring each other." But he did not state firmly his attitude on Israeli aggression to the Gaza Strip.

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Friday, 23 January 2009

The vista SP2 experienced the Delay

Microsoft scheduled would release the version candidate (RC) the Vista SP2 during February 2009. Microsoft tried to release the Vista SP2 as quickly as possible to give the incentive to the addition to the user to do upgraded to Windows the Vista and did not continue to be waiting for Windows 7.

The latest news said that apparently SP2 also will experience few delays. However Microsoft will postpone release the RC version for one month. But don't be first discouraged. They will release one version of the addition that was named by them "Release Candidate Escrow Build".

The version was full of the Vista SP2 will be postponed till March that will come. Whereas the RTM version (Release to Manufacturing) that will be spent in the second quarter this 2009. This plan has been postponed that from the beginning will be spent in April.

Reader also could see various available changes. Below this was the forecast of the release schedule Windows the Vista SP2 that the possibility will enter the RTM stage in May or in June. Of course if being not gotten by the significant problem. As usual that has been known by reader, although Microsoft has stated their product as RTM, not we could direct download this application. The date of the issuing SP2 to the public possibly will be carried out several weeks after that.

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The robot That Has the Spiderman net

The robot who was given by the name 'spiderbot' this was one of the security robots in Japan. This robot was indeed made maintain the security from the agitators.

Spiderbot could also walk with the maximal speed until 10km/jam and was equipped by the detection censor of the temperature of the body as well as the voice. With his form that was seen simple, then the agitator then will not think if this robot had net that will make busy the agitators. This matter will give much time for the officials to arrest these agitators.

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Samsung NC10, For Your Valentine Gift

Valentine is near. For several people felt the affection In this day, and changed mutual gifts. Was not left behind, Samsung bring up NC10 that really was suitable for the gift in valentine for he/she.

There is some specifications from Samsung NC10:
- 1,6 GHz Atom processor
- 160GB HDD
- Windows XP Home

And as the addition, reportedly Netbook this one will have the battery that could remain for 7 hours and keyboard that anti bacteria. according to dabs, this netbooks costing in $434 with VAT and will be released in February 9 .

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Buy Laptop with $1 price.

Saw the title of the article above, isn’t possible when the reader was not interested to get it Unfortunately this laptop only was available in Japan . But at least we had his news for you. :)

The system sale laptop in Japan was possibly could be compared with booming in the cheap cellular phone that often was done by the telephone operator cellular in the many Country.

This Cheap Laptop was very popular in Japan. But unfortunately this cheap laptop was not sold just like that, you were obliged to fill up the contract for 2 years during the internet connection in time that simultaneously and for this you will be put on the cost between 2000 yen until 6000 yen.

How ? Are you interested?. :)

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

White Pentax K2000

For the readers who just wanted to better study and understand digital SLR Photography, Pentax issued one camera that was suitable for you.

Pentax just announced the launching of the limited edition from K2000 with the white color, complete with double zoom kit with the camera body and two lenses.

Along with was the package that was obtained by you, when bought K2000:
* DA-L 50-200 Lens
* DA-L 18-55 Lens
* USB Cable I-USB17
* Strap O-ST84
* Hot Shoe Cover FK
* Eyecup FQ
* Body Mount Cover
* 4 AA Energizer Lithium Batteries
* Software CD-ROM S-SW84

All fitur above could be obtained by you only costing $679,95. Although you must be patient because will be launched mid February of this year.

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Newest Mobile Phone From Franchise 007

Had you watched the film 007 that the actor James Bond, who always used unique and strange things? Possibly was around the reader who wanted these things because of being attracted by there model and there capacity. So, possibly this’s one could become the choice for the readers.

This was Mobile Phone that was produced limited. The type of this gadget is W63S (CDMA 1X WIN) with design inspiration from the film of Quantum of Solace. For the readers who lived in Japan could buy him with the price 13.000 Yen.

Unfortunately just was available for the Japanese territory.

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Final Fantasy XIII Exclusive For Japan in 2009

For gamer who waited to play the Fantasy XIII Final in English for them XBox 360 or PS3, apparently must be patient a little older. Because Square Enix will not release the Fantasy XIII Final for the American market or Europe during 2009.

In the newest trailer of Final Fantasy XIII in Tokyo Game Show this year, Square Enix offered the promise that made many fans the final fantasy tempted, that is the launching promise of the Fantasy XIII Final during 2009.

Unfortunately, this promise only was valid in Japan, because according to Square Enix, game this will not be marketed in America and Europe up to the middle of April in 2010. Although somewhat old,

but apparently appropriate to be waited for.

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