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Monday, 30 March 2009

The Mickey Mouse Headphones That Coated Diamond For iPod

Want to reward your beloved or your daughter with cute something? Something simple but beautiful, such as RT-DE1 headphones series, this series in-ear headphones with Mickey Mouse model and coated with a diamond that looks like crystal.

When you view one of these headphones, we can guess that the style will be more influential than the specification. RT-DE1 provides output 10mw with 94db/mw.

This headphone special only made for iPod Nano 4g

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VEDIA Idunn A1 - Mp3 Player That made From Amber Stone

This gadget is a unique mp3 player called VEDIA Idunn A1, designed by a famous designer jewel - Jaroslaw Westermark. This one Mp3 player is made from Baltic Amber stones, high quality gold and silver.

Casing of VEDIA Idunn A1 is made from silver 925 - the same material used to make exclusive rings and bracelets - and some part of it is made of 18 carat gold. the biggest decorative elements of the back panel is coated with a natural Baltic Amber.

Not end up there, this mp3 player will only produce 10 units and must do the pre order and wait for 2 weeks.

Interest with this mp3? please order it from now :D

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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Kokpit Racing to Play Gran Turismo 5

Level addictive someone to a game that sometimes can't be measured, for example, Chilicoke that very love Gran Turismo 5's game until he make cockpit, special to play his lovely game.

This Gran Turismo 5 cockpit is inspired from the s2000 and also include a controller Logitech G25 wheel and gear stick.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Perfect Disc Pass Vista Exam

Back then Raxco Software receive Microsoft sertification for perfect disk program. Microsoft sertification for Dfrag program from raxco software such as windows vista,windows server,and hyper-v.For raxco this sertification can rising the popularity that program in consument eye.With that consument no need to worry and asking againts defrag porgram compability if installing to the operation system windows server even Vista.

We are happy and proud for the sertification from microsoft said Joe Abusamra,Vice president of opertaions raxco software.This sertification is the one of product warranty for our customer.to publish a program sertificate ,Microsoft always testing any program that can follow a standard from a system operation from microsoft.

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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Developing WIMAX

WIMAX known by people.This technology is cheap solution for internet and communication because has high speed access with wide range. To improve WIMAX technology in the pastworld in 11 february 2009 Huawei and Intel are official publising a testing laboratory interoprability that for development this technology .This laboratory location in Beijing,China.

Laboratory taht design by huawei and intel are one of their discovery to improve interoperability speed and distribution tools ready for using WIMAX technology to the WIMAX industry all over the world.As supplier WIMAX solution Huawei is at the research WIMAX technology since 2001.Now they have 2000 experts that including in the research dan development of WIMAX

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JavaFx New Dimension in World Web

Now user still surfing in the internet with conventional way .But software producent already prepared new inovation in the world web .User more attractive there. Data from the internet and data from the hard disk are combining into one. Browser not important anymore because software straight communicating with website. Program like this known with Rich Internet Applications(RIA).

One example is adobe give a program called Buzzword. Fast teks online processer dan with good design is using basic like google application that is javascript.In the window browser we can see a processing teks that offered feature to inserting picture,table,and format easily without problem.

But Adobe not alone,Microsoft is preparing RIA.Even Sun soon is following with their new project called JavaFx.Sun offered tools for make and using RIA

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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

HRP-4C - Robot Model Will Be The First Walking On Catwalk

Once again news of the development technology of robot in Japan, called HRP-4C, such as Asimo is created for the family, this robot was created to be a model and Fashion in Japan.

Developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Techonolgy Japan, This robot will start tread catwalk next week.

HRP-4C has 42 motor organ, with 152cm high (the average level high of women in Japan) with a weight of 47.5 kg, is also equipped with expressions such as sad, angry or happy and the ability to walk style like the model. Estimated price of this robot is $ 200,000. Wanna buy it? :)

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The mouse has Accuracy like a Bolpoin

Elecom Japan introduced a hi-end that their latest mouse , called the Scope Node M-SN1UL, where the design has been thought through a mature and returning - back, to give you precise as "bolpoin with the paper" when you point your mouse on the screen.

So basically, the advantages of this mouse is because the laser sensor placed in the place where average people take their bolpoin, so not at the bottom, like most mouse often. This will increase your precision until the Higher levels.

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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hamilton Controlled Mclaren F1 With Blackberry Storm

Is not special when a Lewis Hamilton control the car with a remote control. But will be extraordinary if Hamilton controled his F1 via BlackBerry Storm device.

That snippet of a video image in the Daily Mail. In these Games, Hamilton located next to the "Jet Land" mclaren seemly play a BlackBerry Storm.

The gadget is used by Hamilton turn to the right and to the left as being at the wheel. Well, along with the movement, the wheel of a F1 car beside consecutive plays. Hamilton plays a hand to the left, also the wheel and so on.

Like controled remote control car, the youngest F1 world champion ago, get out a mclaren F1 car from the garage, still use the BlackBerry Storm, and then Hamilton swift it in a small circuit while take a fancy with the car still wearing his lovely blackberry storm.

This showing technology is the development from what is done by mclaren Mercedes sponsor with the team, Vodafone. Previously the developers to do the simulation with the mini mclaren F1 car using a remote control similar.

The simulation with a mini car finally make the team's of mclaren invites developers to test it to real F1 car. This is what became the "new toys" for Hamilton when he want to enjoy his free time, hmmm the amaizing toy and just can enjoyed by some people.

With remote control technology, and imagination of each person would be able to develop the wild. Perhaps, in few years will be F1 race that no longer require a driver to sit directly behind the cockpit, but is controlled from the remote only, may be a unique entertainment when this technology was developed.

"The technology which developed by Vodafone really incredible. I will not say it can replace Lewis Hamilton, because he is very extraordinary. But 1 thing that is incredible that can be done by a gadget Blackberry Storm!" Head of Communications mclaren said Matt Bishop to ESPN Racing-Live, that cited by F1 Live.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

WOW, USB Drive in Your Finger?

A motorcycle accident, causing Jerry to lose his finger. Insantly, Doctor embed 2GB USB Drive to his fake finger. The concept of USB finger below, already passed by Jerry :)

Jerry got a motorcycle accident in May that he lost his ring finger. When doctors are working on artificial finger for Jerry, he heard that Jerry was a hacker and he suggested to embed a USB drive on the fake finger for Jerry. Now Jerry is always bring a Linux Billix Distribution everywhere - For his hackingnya activity :p .

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Citroen announcesExclusive SUV Car - PSP Edition

Not much detail I can give, but it seemly the company car dCitroen and Sony will work together in a production car on the PSP theme.

The Citroen Cars is C-Crosser SUV and C-Crosser this exclusivethis PSP edition will package with the black PSP Slim, two games, Memory Stick PRO Duo 4GB, and will also be accompanied to place the psp in the front seat, so passengers can enjoy UMD movies of the PSP. The price? Just $ 43,340 :)

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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Aston Martin One - 77, the Most Expensive, the Fastest and Limited Edition Car.

Aston Martin One-77 is a most expensive car, fastest and limited edition. be launched at the Paris Motor Show Aston Martin one-77 has ordered the sports car lovers and collectors, and the order has reached about 100. Aston Martin One-77 will be launched in 2009. The news, the new car will be released in 2009 and will be the most expensive car.

Aston Martin one-77 sports car is the info I obtained from the Aston Martin cars in the gas can pool up to 320 km / hr, Aston Martin One-77 is produced in limited edition. And the Aston Martin is not half-hearted price for his work is a very limited edition car is in 1 million Pounds Sterling , and according to the gossip will only be in the production of 77 units only. Hmmm car in great Faboulus and you will get to drive the adrenalin and it will make a girls struck if you are inside.


- Engine Configuration : V 12

- Engine displacement : 7.3 liter / 445.5 cu in

- Max Power : 700hp

- Max Torque : over 553 lb-ft

- Transmission : 6-speed automated manual transmission

- Body : Carbon fiber monocoque body structure

- Official Site : www.one-77.com

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Motorola ZN300

Motorola ZN300, is a smart phone that have slider shape and the shape is very interesting and easy to use with the network, using the quad-band GSM and provided with a 3MP camera. And supported with a memory that has a capacity of 8MB, microSDHC card slot, QVGA display, bluetooth, FM radio receiver and a mini opera.

Motorola ZN300 until now has not been officially marketed by Motorola. Until this news issued, still have not obtained information about certainty in which country and when this phone will revolve in all the country and with the official price. But according to the circulating, ZN300 will be circulating in the country of China.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Youtube.com Allowed to Download

At least youtube give facilities to download video in format H264 for visitors.Before it download the video only can do with help special utility or web service.For the first step you tube give video official new U.S. president,Barrack Obama.

Other new facilities is for Nintendo Wii and PS3 for display youtube in the via Tv console.For that user must inserting this url http://youtube.com/tv from browser .This service is supported by that console.Xbox user must wait patiently to get this feature.

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Windows 7

Microsoft doesn't directly said that windows 7 is the one solutions face the global crisis.But looking at the distance in three years from vista to show up .We can see this is the ultimate weapon from microsoft. It is different from XP and Vista that in long term until 7 years.Windows 7 itself will be publish at the end of the year.Because about the crisis windows 7 seem like issued too fast .But the micorosoft step is not wonder anymore because vista is down in the market.Vista only absorbed by corporate market only 10 percent.Beside this corporate market is the biggest market from windows family.

Windows 7 will publishing early because microsoft hear that there is feedback from windows loyal user that wanted operation system that can do the duty easier,fast and can make something new .Now windows 7 can use its new features in beta version.This is the trial version that can try for fublic for free.Windows 7 send new features like new taksbar,Notification area as change system tray,Action centre,UAC that smarter ,iTunes compatible ,MultiTouch,New Windows Paint ,Media Player minimalis,and search connector.Instead that features windows 7 claimed faster ,light,safe,and stable than vista.In notabene netbook has low specification.Windows 7 can operating fast and safe.

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