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Monday, 27 April 2009

A Woman Fired Because Using Facebook

For you who work in a company, or other employee office said. Moreover, if you like to use facebook, take care because you can lose your job.As experienced by these women

Nationally Swiss woman, who does not know his name taking sick leave in place the company works through the phone for the reason that migraine headaches. He said that he must lie in a dark room so that the pain of his head missing. On the day, one's view of women is to log on her facebook. Then what happens? Women's Swiss directly sack.

Accuse the company of women is healthy enough to use facebook, and he also health enough to work in front of the computer. Women are on the defensive saying that he access the site using the her iphone while he lie in bed, and accuse company using fake profiles to spying her.

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Sunday, 26 April 2009

ASUS P Series Notebook is now equipped with Anti Theft Newest Technology from Intel

ASUS has announced the idea to complete the notebook with the Anti Theft technology from Intel ®, in efforts to help the increasing number of theft of notebook ...

In a world where the commercial business to operate at the highest level of confidentiality, and notebook belonging to the business professional with a high mobility in general, contain personal information and companies that are in secret, stealing vital information will result in very fatal. ASUS care in this P Series notebook with the newest, which is equipped with the Technology Protection Anti Theft PC from Intel ®. This new technology gives users the ability to send a 'poison pill' from the distance, the notebook cannot be operated with the death / disabling all functions of the notebook.

Thus, the risk on the loss or theft can minimum the notebook. When the notebook has been found again, a phrase or password code recovery (recovery token) can be used to re-activate the notebook.

By using the Technology Protection Anti Theft PC's on the Intel ® notebook ASUS P80 and P30, the professionals can now run the business more secure, without feeling fear will backwash caused by theft or loss, "said Mr. Henry Yeh, General Manager of ASUS Notebook Business Unit. "The ability of additional commercial P Series notebook we make it as a mobile support for the right professional for the rapid development of the market today."

ASUS P30 and P80, with integrated security capabilities based on innovative technology Anti Theft from Intel ®, will be available in the near future.

"With the growth of laptop sales continue to increase, theft management have become important requirements for our consumers," said George Thangadurai, Director of Strategic Planning and General Manager Service Anti Theft Intel, Intel Mobile Platforms Group. "Collaboration with our ASUS will bring to our consumers a new world security solutions using hardware-based Anti Theft technology from Intel ®, which will prevent theft.

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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Sales of Microsoft Down For First Time in 23 Years

The first time in 23 years. This also indicates that for the first time in history, Microsoft has failed to reach profitability.

Data issued, that their sales were down 6%, net income was down 32%, and microsoft is forced to dismiss 1,400 employees in January 3600 again and estimated will dismissed in mid-2010.

The cause of this decline is linked with the global economic situation are poor, which resulted in PC sales down about 7% to 9%. In addition to the popularity of the Netbook increasing. Although most of the Netbooks use the windows system, but most come with most of the windows XP, which is cheaper, so that income received is less microsoft.

Poor perception people of Windows Vista also aggravate the situation, and with Windows 7 that have not yet been will coast until the end of 2009. Microsoft will still go down for a while longer.

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Friday, 24 April 2009

LCD TV from Eizo that Hace Human Sensor

Eizo LCD 2 yesterday announced the latest their LCD with the "Human Sensor" (Flex Scan EV2023W and EV2303W). With this feature LCD will into power saving mode if there are no people in the future, and vice versa, it will turn back if there are people in front of it.

Eizo LCD this size present in the 20-inch with 1600x900 resolution and 23 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and will be sold at a price attractive enough, ie, 45,000 yen or about 5.4 million rupiah

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tips To Become a Good Googler

Google as a search engine in the world can be a source of information without boundaries. . Share the tips that can use the ability to google for everything, so that will make the "googling" you become more comfortable ...

Here are some secret:
  • Use AND (Letter Caps) between words to get search results that contain both the word. (Example: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore)
  • Use OR (Letter Caps) between the word to get results that contain one word or a word thereafter. (Example: phone or mobile phone)
  • Use quotation marks ( ") to find results that include phrases that you write in full. (Example:" Digital Site for Technology Update ")
  • Use Google to search results or conversion calculation. (Example: "50 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit") then you will get direct answers from google 50 degrees.
  • Use Google As Your Dictionary - Begin your search by typing "define:" then you will get a definition of the word instantly.
  • Use google to follow the stock, sports, flights, etc - Google will give you a quick update when you search for all things related to it.
  • Use google to find answers about all things in the universe, then you will find it.

Hopefully useful

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Review Cyber-shot S Series : DSC-950

DSC-S950 combines effective 10 megapixel resolution, 4x Optical Zoom and LCD screen size 2.7 "to get the performance of the image with the high prices. As in the DSC-W210, DSC-S950 is equipped with technology Steady Shot image results for a more clear in addition, enlargement to 4x Optical Zoom in the DSC-S950 allows the image to close-up of the 5cm Object nearly Images. DSC-S950 combines form with function, has the form of a curve beautiful, and available in a choice of three colors silver, black and pink.

Cyber-shot camera also features Face Detection technology from Sony that can automatically detect faces in a scene and adjusts focus, Exposure and white balance. Face Detection technology that can track objects famous images quickly, you can control the color and remove red eye can recognize automatically the faces of adults or children - children. In addition, the Cyber-shot W Series has a Shutter which automatically can detect and photograph the faces smiling. Get the picture with higher definition is now easier because users only need to select the settings using the Smile Shutter mode dial to activate it.

Also present the image with software Picture Motion Browser in the sales package. This software can manage and play videos that have been recorded according to the date the video was created. Picture Motion Browser also possibly users to search for images through the type face, even if the image - the image was taken using a filter function by faces or taken with other camera brands. In addition, this software alsocan select features on the face of an image and find a face similar to those in the picture so that the image will become easier and more fun. When the camera is used only to perpetuate the image, Cyber-shot W Series features the latest In-Camera Retouching allows for editing directly from the camera image. Ten editing options are available to help improve the image display and to add special effects such as Fisheye Lens to look more artistic.

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Stereographic Photo Image From Tokyo City

Look at this beautiful photo image that taken by a Flickr user named heiwa4126 using fisheye ultra-wide lens.

The technique that used in here is called stereographic projection, which can definition as a "mapping function that projects a sphere onto a plane."

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Wi - Fi Bolpoin

Another tool that was created to hunt / find wi-fi network. although when viewed from the experience, this tool has never worked as we expected, but at least it can still work as bolpoin, so you are not to "loss".

To use it so easily, just pressing a small button that located at the tip of the pen, so 4 LED will flash, that shown you the signal strength of wi-fi hotspot near you. Price of this bolpoin only $ 13.99, are you need it? :D

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Skype in Nintendo DSi

Spokesman from skype said that in technical port skype to Nintendo DSi is possible happen. But is that thing is happen for video feature ?

Skype is an old feature that include in phone and portable gadget. But the new plan is add feature video .The problem is even Nindtendo DSi equipped with front camera that can win video. But seem that processor from DSi cant to apply video chat.

This make disappointed if we just do audio chat while there is a camera in front of our eyes

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Mebius NJ70A –First NetBook in the World With Optical Sensor LCD Pad

Its been long time sharp didn’t shock us with cool netbook and after long time ,at least today they do that thing. With perform Sharp Mebius NU70A,a netbook 10.1 inch with processor Atom N270,Intel 945GSE Express Chipset,HDD 160GB,a webcam and the most special is Optical Sensor LCD 4 inch with backlight LED with 854x480 resolution.

Even for specification netbook including standard but Optical sensor LCD is very cool ,you can use your fingers or with stylus to write memo or email ,include with system signature, play piano ,zoom out and inside document, like in iphone

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Samsung Instinct

Seems all of Mobile phone Manufacturer begin lost for the new ideas for creating a new design. Because almost all the touchscreen mobile phone that has a similar design , such as the HTC Touch Series, LG Cookie, and Arena, Nokia 5800 and iPhone. New Mobile phone that will be launched soon (of course with a similar design) is instinct that produced by Samsung.

This phone will equipped with 2MP camera, onscreen QWERTY keyboard, full HTML browser, GPS navigation system, and multimedia that include music and video player. This phone has a lot of entertainment features, but unfortunately this fitures is too often we saw and it isn't something new.

Although there is a unique feature called Live TV claimed will accompany you to a unlimited Connection.

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USB Memory With Auto Erase Feature - Safe Your Secret Data

From Fujitsu Laboratories announced some new technology that can help prevent data stored in usb that does not move to the wrong hands. The technology is being developed to provide this new view of security about a usb flash drive .

The first is a prototype USB memory (such as the picture above), which works like a normal usb flash drive, but it has a processor and an on-board batteries that can be used to automatically delete the data after a time you specify or delete the data when you put on flash drive in a foreign computer.

The second development of this technology is a redirect file that can prevent the files in a USB flash drive to move it to another computer or uploaded to the server that has not been approved. Although still a little confused with how it works, but the aim is to prevent important file to not out from office or company .

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Cheating ? Now Will be Easier :D

This GSM pen is a tool that's for you who need "help" in Testing. "Help" here I mean cheat from your friend and this pen make everything will become easier :D

When the test, you can receive "information" on your mobile phone, without having to take the phone from your pants pocket. You just speak through the pen that you use to write and listen the answers from your friends through micro sized earpiece that has been provided together with this GSM pen.

All you have to do is connect your phone with your GSM pen and you can make and receive calls as usual. This GSM Pen do like normal bluetooth headset.

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Spyro Will Enter the Movie in This Year

One more news about the adaptation film from the game, this time from the franchise "Spyro the dragon". This films will be given title "The Legend of Spyro 3D" coming soon in this year.

Script this Spyro film will be write by Daniel Altiere and Steven Altiere and will take story based of the Legend of Spyro trilogy that recently released in the game. Spyro will produced by Wonderworld studio with Universal Animation Studios and Mark Dippe will become director of this animated 3D Spyro film.

Planned will be produced in this year on Christmas, Spyro will display famous stars as the voice, such as Elijah Wood and Gary Oldman.

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Monday, 6 April 2009

A New Way to Enjoy Chocolate.

Professor David Edwards that wrote a graphic novel, shows the vision of the future world where people consume food just with inhale it. Vision is to create Chocolate Inhaler that lets you eat chocolate just with inhale it.

Chocolate Inhaler comes in with 4 flavors: mint chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, mango chocolate and milk chocolate. You just need inhale it, you will experience the same feeling as eating chocolate with this tool, he said you do not need to feel worried with obesity that usually engulf the chocolate lovers.

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