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Monday, 29 December 2008

Virus In Samsung Digital Frame the Series of SPF-85H

Who did not know with the Samsung make? Samsung was the quite big electronics company. However at the moment the Amazon gave the warning to the consumer him that already bought Samsung digital frame. Because of being gotten by the virus inside.

The Amazon found that is gotten by a virus that nested in CD the Samsung installation digital frame with the series of SPF-85H that was measuring 8 inch. CD this installation was received by the virus W32.Sality.AE.

To avoid affected the virus, the Amazon suggested the consumers to carry out the installation through the official Samsung site, and not use CD his gift installation. This virus was just known some time before, after a buyer reported the virus infection in his property computer, immediately after the installation the digital frame from Samsung.

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My robot is My wife

TOKYO - Congestion the world of work sometimes makes people difficult to find the perfect life. Bureau partner or even romance sites often can not help people find their forever love. The heart uproar that encourage Le Trung, male Japanese origin, to the wife of the robot. 'Wife' creation Le Trung is the name given aiko. She not only feminim and the section, but also set a clever and intelligent household.

Aiko which means love of children, equipped with the talent and the 3000 math vocabulary in English and Japanese. He was also able to recognize faces, read from a newspaper.

Works that are filled with love is made with Le Trung spend up to 14 thousand poundsteling. In fact, Le Trung debtor and willing to sell the car.

Strong desire to create a robot that because Le Trung does not have the time to find the pair a perfect real life. Unfortunately, aiko can not be related the withdrawal couple.

"Nevertheless, I want to make aiko see, feel and act as a human. So it can be a perfect complement to life," said this former programmers. "He does not need a holiday, or eating. Aiko but will be working almost 24 hours a day. She is the perfect woman," He said.

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Girls 9 Years Old Break Microsoft record

Do we think to join the test for the Microsoft Certified Professional? To follow it is just difficult, especially if you want to break the previous record. But it is not true for girls aged 9 years old who came from India.

A girl aged 9 years worth of India referred to as small genius. At the young age he passed the exam Microsoft Certified Professional and record-breaking advance.

Girl named M. Lavinashree from India is reported the most young people to be able to achieve the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam. Thus Lavinashree break the previous record held Arfa Karim, Pakistan girls aged 10 years. Lavinashree have been called the record-breaking. He reputedly holds the record memorize 1300 Tamil tale that has been aged 2000 years.

Currently Lavinashree reported was trying completed the test of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. In an interview with a television station Lavinashree claim want to become scientists.

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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Intel Make Laptop Touch Screen for the Student

Trend for use touch screen or the screen touched to an amount gadget, apparently spread also to Intelligence. This coming January, Intel will launch laptop the new generation with the screen touched inside. Laptop the screen touched that makes the school student the target especially, will be introduced in the International Consumer Electronics Show exhibition (CES) in Las Vegas to 8 and on January 11 2009.

Apart from technology touchscreen, Intelligence will also equip him with software interactive, was meant in order to attract the interest of children in using him. However, on the whole, the other age also became the relevant target. This laptop will be designed with the screen 8.9 inchi. And in addition built-in accelerometer that make enabled the position of the screen laptop could be put forward vertical or horizontal.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Electric Power of Mercedes Benz B-Class

To North American International the Show car (NAIAS) 2009—before named Detroit Auto Show that took place next month, the producer of the famous premium car from Germany, Mercedes-Benz, will introduce to the public of the concept of the study car BlueZero. Although not yet having the release from Mercedes-Benz, but the German media, especially ounce-line has presented the photograph of this car. According to them, these photographs were leaked by the insider Mercedes-Benz personally.

Although Mercedes-Benz mentioned this car of BlueZero Concept, but the German media precisely regarded him as B-Class the generation came. Autobild as one of the biggest automotive German medias even acknowledged him as “New B-Class Electric Power”.

This analysis was based on the dimension and of course the design of this car. Besides this, B-Class since being launched first in 2005 did not yet change models. Estimated, BlueZero will become B-Class that will be launched in 2010.

B-Class was the product of Mercedes-Benz that entered the MPV category unified that appeared with the design hatchback. His dimension a little bigger from A-Class.

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Apple Suggest to Their User to Use Antivirus

After for years made Mac to be free from the virus. Apple currently suggested to their users to installation antivirus in their Mac. Apple that often ridiculed Windows that was serious the virus in the advertisement of "Get a Mac" dismissed this suggestion in one of his forums, said that "Apple suggested the use more than one application antivirus so that the writers" of the "virus must avoid more than one application, made the process" of the "production" of the "virus far more was difficult." Apple afterwards recommended several product kinds to the Mac owners including Intego VirusBarrier X5, Norton Anti-Virus 11 for Macintosh and McAfee VirusScan for Mac.

Apple has for a long time developed the perception that the Mac platform free from the virus. One of the first advertisements in the advertisement campaign of "I’m a Mac, I’m a PC" dripped cause problems for in the virus. The PC character said that "last year was gotten by more than 114,000 viruses for PC" that afterwards was repaid with "in PC, not Mac" by the Mac character.

Is it true that most malware online aimed at Windows that held the dominant market share in the world, but has in recent times had several viruses that were made special to aim at Mac OS X, although most only were the demonstration and just a few that affected the user Mac, one of them was AppleScript.THT that could control one of Mac and recorded screenshot or functioned as keylogger.

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Coffee could be made the Biodiesel Source

Have you drunk coffee today? Usually coffee is indeed lovely when being enjoyed in the morning in the house terrace while reading the newspaper or chatted with the other person. However evidently coffee had the other use. Apart from making your body fit as a fiddle, evidently coffee could be then used by us as the alternative fuel.The fuel from coffee was it was thought more cheap and environment-friendly if being used as the car fuel and the truck. The research that was carried out by Mano Misra, Susanta Mohapatra, and this Narasimharao Kondamudi stated coffee grounds could be made the fuel because of containing 11-20 percent oil. The three researchers carried out the trial by gathering coffee grounds from several coffee shop to afterwards separate the content of available oil in coffee grounds. Results through the process that was easy and cheap this oil could be processed to biodiesel.

the researcher said, will develop continued the production biodiesel from coffee grounds in a small project during six months in the future. According to the researchers if could be developed into the mass industry, then the country could like the United States scoop up the profit approximately USD8 million per the year. This prediction very possibly, remembered the market biodiesel was developing fast, was estimated during 2010 the production biodiesel globally reached 3 billion drums gallon.

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Friday, 12 December 2008

Interpreted the Dream with “Dreaming Software”

- Some people possibly were curious with the dream that was regarded as the 'sleep flower'. Various knowledge approaches have for a long time tried to research about cause factors of the dream emergence.

To support the research about this dream, several Japanese computer experts tried to develop a computer program that could map and record the work of the brain when someone was falling asleep. The activity of the brain, that will be printed and was translated to the computer screen.

The team from ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories said was creating technology that could translate each activity of the brain when falling asleep to the short picture. Results of the picture so that could open the mystery of the dream curtain.

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Honda was involved by the USD debt 150 Million

Honda that was known by us with the famous make that produced the car and the quite big motor. However Honda said left the formula race 1 (F1). Why could be like this? In fact the manufacturer Honda has been moderate fast his development in this world.

BRACKLEY - the Honda Issuing from the One formula (F1) the front season left the problem. The manufacturer Honda involved by dept around USD 150 million. Except for the manufacturer from Japan immediately met the potential buyer.

How Honda fate to the front?

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Google and LinkedIn

SAN FRANSISCO - One of the executives Google would official left the company of the search machine and gathered with the site Network social LinkedIn. From January next year, Dipchand 'deep' Nishar will hold the office of the Deputy Director the product affair in LinkedIn.

Beforehand, Nishar gathered for quite a long time with Google and held the office of the senior director of the product for Google Asia-Pacific. "We have been very satisfied with the Deep contribution for 5.5 years in recent times." It is hoped he could give the contribution that was same in his place that was new, said the spokesperson Google Matt Furman.

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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Vuzix iWear AV310, "Cyclops" Like Video Glasses

The new discovery, the spectacles like Cyclops that in gave the name of Vuzix iWear, these eyes glasses gave the impression if you were watching the video in the screen widescreen 16:9 that emulation the screen 52 inch, was gazed at from the distance 9 foot. With the existence dual high resolution LCD display in this spectacles, guaranteed if you will receive the picture that was focussed.

Fitur Accutilt enabled us to carry out the slope adjustment through to 15 levels, and nose-piece that could be matched made iWear AV310 comfortable was used, moreover was fitur ounce-screen settings to arrange the configuration that was wanted by you.

Vuzix iWear AV310 could work with the video output that was compatible with NTSC or PAL, including also iPhone and iPhone 3G. Old his operation time was 5 hours with a battery AA. the Price of this spectacles was estimated around $250, but still could not be said when being released to the market.

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Dell XPSTM 730 H2C

DELL was on the rise, after some time before dismissed laptop especially to gaming. Currently dell launched the PC computer first his property that was believed in was the computer game most advanced that is XPSTM 730 H2C edition.

Dell XPSTM 730 H2C edition this was said most advanced because apart from mensupport to quad-core processors, quad GPU graphics solutions, Dell XPSTM 730 H2C edition also could use four hard drive. And that made Dell XPSTM 730 H2C edition this be suitable gaming was The new NVIDIA nforce 790i Ultra SLI chipset that made this computer to was suitable for all the sorts game.

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Gaming PC Alienware Area-51 ALX go to 4Ghz

With 4 GPU, procesor speed 4Ghz, 4GB memory

The Dell subsidiary company, Alienware offered a model PC Alienware Area-51 ALX with the speed procesor 4Ghz. Was not already done bore, procesor that was used by the type of Core Intelligence 2 Extreme.

Alienware Area-51 ALX was one of PC to gaming. Mengunakan 4 GPU from 2 GeForce 9800 GX2 or ATI CrosffieX from 2 HD 3870 X2. Each package Alienware Area-51 ALX has had 4 GB memory, single or dual harddisk, DVD burner or Bluray player.

First price $4.599, Alienware

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USB Memory Watch

Remembered you with the film of James Bond that always competed with sophisticated technologies? Now was the hour that possibly could be acknowledged as one of the implements that was useful for James Bond.

This watch could be made function as indicates time but also could function as USB. So this hour was given by the USB Memory Watch name. By carrying the capacity 4 GB, apparently moderate many data that could be kept compared to USB flashdrive other.

The specification of this hour :

Standard USB interface and USB extension cord included

- USB 2.0 (read 4MB/s and write 3MB/s)

- Sleek design, very lightweight (this is not a bulky watch)

- Plug and play, easy operation (appears as a USB mass storage device)

- LED indicator light shows device connectivity and data transfer

- Operating Systems: Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Linux 2.4 or higher, Mac OS 8.6 or higher

- Included CD contains Win 98 driver

- Shock proof and Anti-static

- Watch is not waterproof

- Japanese movement with 3-year battery life

- Battery type: SR626SW

- Memory size: 2GB or 4GB

- Weight: 1.5 oz (43 grams)

- Dimensions: 1.5" width x .375" thick (watch face)

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Monday, 8 December 2008

Nokia S60 and IBM Lotus Notes

Various sorts of email access were used by Nokia, including IBM Lotus Notes for several Nokia cellular phones based S60. This Nokia step in a manner indirectly enabled millions of users of the Notes Lotus to access their email with Nokia equipment. This also was the market opportunity that was significant for IBM Lotus Notes, that was used by 140 million users license, because the Nokia customer could currently open the Notes Lotus and accesses his collaboration capacity when they went on a trip.

Therefore then more than 80 million people who used Nokia equipment S60 could conect with the email account corporate they with software Server the Domino Lotus that was named the Notes Traveler Lotus. Software that enabled access real-time to the e-mail, the calendar, the address book, the journal and to-do list this will be available for Nokia equipment in December 2008.

According to IBM Institute for Business Value, this year, for the first time, the number of people who had moving equipment would more of the to the number of people who had the cable telephone. IBM predicted will be gotten by one billion users Web moved during 2011 and will have the big shift in the interacting human method with Web in the decade that will come. Moreover, at this time the amount of moving equipment overcame the number of television sets, the credit card and PC.

"With this collaboration, 90 percent of the business email could be mobile with Nokia equipment, without must buy server, middleware or the additional licence." With the presence (presence), the position and technology that were owned by IBM in the email market korporat, IBM was the important partner for us. We must be able to connected with the email, information and our network if we were apart from the office. And all this must be able to be carried out easily and appropriately our requirement. The Notes Traveler lotus for Nokia equipment was the example that was good about this, explained Senior Nokia Soren Petersen Vice President.

This announcement was the big development for IBM efforts to widen the moving support for the portfolio of Lotus software. The capacity to connect safely with the business email was the example of Future of Work, the IBM initiative that paid close attention to the changing work environment and anticipated tren-tren technology, the business, the community and the culture. IBM Lotus technology other that could be mobilised for the work anywhere, at any time was the Sametime Lotus to instant messaging and communication uniqfication, the Connections Lotus for the social network of the company and the Quickr Lotus to share contant social.

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Red Alert 3

Game the Red Alert series again. After 7 length years of the lovers game the Red Alert series was waiting, finally went out also the new series him that was given by the name of "Command & Conquer Red Alert 3".

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 told all about the world war to III that happened between Soviet, Allies and Empire. The three of them had troops, the weapon and technology that were new like the Tesla Coils existence, heavily the field artillery, War Blimps, teleportation, armored bears, intelligent dolphins, floating island fortresses, and transforming tanks.

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Tomb Rider UnderWorld

Who that did not yet know with this one character? This he the actor Tomb Rider that was famous that, Lara Croft. Game serial Tomb Rider again was again present with the "Tomb Rider Underworld " Like series beforehand, Tomb Rider Underworld also carried nuances of the adventure.

Game made by Eidos Interactive that was released in November this for the version Xbox360, PS3, PS2, Wii, NDS, and PC. Yang continued the adventure of Lara Croft after Tomb Raider Legend, with setting in Chiapas, Mexico, where Lara found the gate towards the underground world, Xibalba. Tomb Raider Underworld was drafted specially used technology most advanced at this time for the measurement game bergenre the adventure action was based on the exploration. How depicted a courageous female wanderer crossed places was not owned all over the corner of the world with tampilan details that apik as though we were in the real life and berpetualang personally attacked the danger.

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Xbox 360

This is the newest news from Microsoft. Microsoft issued Xbox newest that is Xbox 360 Arcades that came with 256 MB to internal storage. In this way you were no longer necessary bought memory card in addition to keep your game.

It seems he said in xbox this was gotten 1700 more the component inside that was moved inside internal memory. The player then could direct mendownload konten and save game the available game. With the Xbox existence 360 Arcade this, could Microsoft overcome his competitors? We just wait his struggle ^ ^

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The Korean government Contribute $200 Million in their Games Industry

The really rare matter happened, at first for us that in Indonesia, where a government could give the full support for the development of the industry game in his country. This was carried out by the Korean government that was reported in the local reporting Digital Chosunilbo will support the aid fund as big as 350 billion Won (around $200 million) to support the development of the industry game this country up until 2012. With the target of the shortness period, the Korean government aimed at the income of the export game reached 5 trillion Won ($3,39 billion) per the year, in order to aims at the position three big the producer's country game biggest in the world. (the number of one and two were still being occupied by the USA and Japan).

His official statement was sent directly by Minister Kebudayaan, Olahraga, and Tourism Korean Yu In-chon in the press conference that was carried out several moments ago, discussed the plan and the industrial prospect game in Korea in afterwards the day. As tonic proof this, come on also explained that Korea succeeded in reaching the income target of the export game with a value of $1 billion two the year was earlier than that was planned. Himself added that the investment fund as big as $200 million this only one of the the 60 projects that the Korean government prepared in order to promote their industry of game.

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Everyone earlier cheered happy and cheered on the Rockstar name when they made an announcement perilisan GTA IV to PC. Rupa-apparently plenty of technical problems that blocked perilisan GTA IV the PC version, sehinga the road that must be followed by Rockstar not was as smooth that was thought by them.

The problem that struck GTA IV proceeded in the scope hardware and software. From the side hardware, the consumer many that complain about if GTA IV evidently not mensupport mode SLI. Then from the side software, many consumers who complained about various code sorts error good when the installation took place or during playing. Damage that was experienced by GTA IV did not stop until there, several consumers complain about that the computer that was owned by them had the specification that more than enough, but in fact game this continued to force the consumer to use the lowest regulation when playing him. The Rockstar comment was for this one problem seen as washing the hands, according to them the regulation that was higher in aimed for more sophisticated computers and often was not yet owned by the consumer at this time. Until this the problem that struck GTA IV was not yet resolved in fact Steam that offered refund for GTA IV that didownload from their site.

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Mystery of Disappear Saturnus Ring

The amateur astronomers all over the world at this time paid attention to the change that was same to Saturn: the Saturn Ring that was wide diminished to the thin line. Efrain Morales Rivera sent the picture along with that was taken from the page behind his house in Puorto Rico.

“ring Saturn diminished very much in a year ini”, he said. The Cassini area or Cassini Division (a dark area in the Saturn ring that was named Cassini) began to be difficult to be observed. The same phenomenon happened four in the last hundred years and could confuse Galileo, as the first person who during 1610 found Saturn rings through his primitive telescope. He was very baffled when finding these rings narrowing a little a following year.

Then, whether actual happened? Now, the same incident was: we experienced some “pelintasan the field cincin” (the plane ring crossing). When was in his trip over the Sun, Saturn turned his ring to in line with the line of the look from Earth (edge-ounce) every time 14-15 years very much. Because of his ring that was very thin, they could was not observed if being seen through teleskop small.

In months along with this, the Saturn ring will become increasingly thin to the end they “hilang” this coming September 4 2009. When this happened to 1612, Galileo ignored his study would the planet. In fact, was known by us afterwards, moments “pelintasan the field cincin” as this was time that was good for found satellites and the outside Saturn ring that were new. Moreover, during likewise was time that was good for saw the North Pole Saturn that was blue. During 2005, the Cassini space vehicle flew on the north crack of the Saturn planet and found that sky there was as blue as Earth sky personally. For years, only Cassini that could enjoy this scenery, because from Earth, the upper Saturn part that was blue was covered by Saturn rings.

Galileo personally had not understood the natural basic characteristics from Saturn rings. He did not know that they in fact was the small collection of satellites that orbited in the orbit field piringan, measuring from dust to of our month (the Possibility of these rings was debris or ruins from the satellite that was destroyed, but the scientists personally were still not correctly convinced would this). Through teleskop the age his 17, this ring more resembled ears or a kind of planet earlobe.

Nevertheless, his intuition guided Galileo to making the exact prediction, that rings that were lost this will come back. And he was true. The Saturn ring again appearance, and the scientists concluded his research. During 1659, exactly Christiaan Huygens explained the disappearance incident of the ring that was periodic for the occurrence “pelintasan the field cincin” or “ring the plane crossing” this. During 1660, Jean Chapelain said that the Saturn ring not was the solid, but was made from small particles that a large number of and each orbiting Saturn independently. For two hundred years, his proposal had an opportunity to be not accepted widely, before evidently was proven correctly.

From : science@NASA

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10 Mystery in The World

10 Mystery in The World

1. The Taos Hum

The community and the visitor in a small city inNew Mexico, Taos, for years felt the disturbance and the wonder from the voice dengungan the low frequency in desert air. Awkward him only 2% of the inhabitants Taos that reported this. Several believed this was caused by the abnormal acoustics, several suspicious people of the existence of mass hysteria from something that was secret and horrifying. It was not yet any humankind that could find the source of this sound.

2. Bigfoot

For several decades, the giant had hair, the sample like humankind named Bigfoot often was reported by his existence in America. Despite thousands of Bigfoot must eksis to seek a living, not any his body was found. The carcass or their body that came from pemburuan, the collision or died naturally, also had never been found. Several photographs of the footsteps of their giant many in reported. This mystery was not yet solved until this.

3. Intuition

We could say this as the "sense to-six", the feeling, or another thing. Sometimes we felt the existence of intuition from time kewaktu. Of course many of the "feelings" yg was wrong, but that was sometimes felt correctly. The scientist and the psychologist recorded that humankind brought subconscious information about the life around we, that brought we felt we knew something but we did not know the condition or the actual incident, or why we knew that. Intuition very much was difficult to be proven and studied, and psychology was the only science that could answer him.

4. People Mysteriously Disappear

Humankind was lost for various reasons. Most escaped or were killed, but several could be found. But not with the human loss mysteriously beginning with kru Marie Celeste down to Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, and Natalee Holloway, several people disappeared without the tracks. And their search now does still not get results.. where the departure ??

5. Ghost

Since long ago many of the we who were frightened of this, their appearance in fact to their existence belief still was becoming the question mark. Is there the ghost in and around us? Could they be proven scientifically? Each country had the culture was different from the other country certainly had the different story of the ghost. For example the ghost vampire, dracula, warewolf in America was not in Indonesia that conversely had Kuntilanak, Gendoruwo, wewe gombel et cetera. The ghost was the mystery that still was becoming part of our life. Expected one day later to have the ghost's investigator that could prove that that died could communicate with that lived and answered this mystery.

6. Deja Vu

This phrase came from France that was significant "saw him", referred in an experience and the mysterious feeling about the place, the situation and the atmosphere where we feel like had experienced him. For example for example you were in a foreign village that had never been visited by you, but you felt very close and had seen the atmosphere as well as this village environment. There are those that believed that Deja vu was the experience that once natural humankind in the life beforehand. Like also intuition, the research could about human psychology offer the more natural answer, but this phenomenon continue to the mystery.

7. UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects)

The foreign object was not known or UFO was not made hesitate still was available. Many already the person who saw, photographed and took his video. Several witnesses saw an object in the space that appeared foreign, several in fact had the experience of meeting the face with the creature's foreign noose that apparently came from outside this earth. From where they came? Could they communicate with humankind? This was still becoming the mystery as in the case of the Ghost's mystery and the phenomenon of other foreign creatures.

8. Live After Dead and Experience Near Dead

The person that once a rust, the comma or almost died sometimes reported his experience as entering into the tunnel, saw the light, was again united with them who have died, or felt suasa him that was peaceful, peaceful and so on sebagainya.Tapi strangely did not yet have the same story precisely one in an other manner. Sceptical people felt that this experience was resulted in by the hallucination from the condition traumatik to the human brain. Until this not yet there are those that could explain him well and scientifically.

9. Supranatural Power and ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception)

It was paranormal that was everywhere all over the world, in Indonesia could be felt by their presence was accepted naturally and it was considered normal. The psychological capacity and ESP were part of the world mystery that was not yet solved. His authentication occasionally too much was feigned referred in the human belief in the strength that was bigger in this world. Science still could not break this clearly, but his existence could not be also denied by us. Especially for us very religious Indonesians and still brought the east culture that was full of the mystery.

10. Connectivity Mind and Body

Science in the medical field was the only one that could begin to explain the method how thoughts could affect the body. The Placebo effect as for example demonstrated about several people who could come back was healthy and recovered from his illness or even in fact was sick and suffered only because they believed that that will happen. But authentication medically and scientifically very much weak, because our body had the capacity that was very extraordinary in recuperation in fact exceeded the most sophisticated medicine capacity even. The mystery and the phenomenon above depicted that humankind still was too young to say that this world has been known in depth. Various research efforts and the search were still continuing to be carried out. Until yes?? Same still mysterious.

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