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Monday, 8 December 2008

Mystery of Disappear Saturnus Ring

The amateur astronomers all over the world at this time paid attention to the change that was same to Saturn: the Saturn Ring that was wide diminished to the thin line. Efrain Morales Rivera sent the picture along with that was taken from the page behind his house in Puorto Rico.

“ring Saturn diminished very much in a year ini”, he said. The Cassini area or Cassini Division (a dark area in the Saturn ring that was named Cassini) began to be difficult to be observed. The same phenomenon happened four in the last hundred years and could confuse Galileo, as the first person who during 1610 found Saturn rings through his primitive telescope. He was very baffled when finding these rings narrowing a little a following year.

Then, whether actual happened? Now, the same incident was: we experienced some “pelintasan the field cincin” (the plane ring crossing). When was in his trip over the Sun, Saturn turned his ring to in line with the line of the look from Earth (edge-ounce) every time 14-15 years very much. Because of his ring that was very thin, they could was not observed if being seen through teleskop small.

In months along with this, the Saturn ring will become increasingly thin to the end they “hilang” this coming September 4 2009. When this happened to 1612, Galileo ignored his study would the planet. In fact, was known by us afterwards, moments “pelintasan the field cincin” as this was time that was good for found satellites and the outside Saturn ring that were new. Moreover, during likewise was time that was good for saw the North Pole Saturn that was blue. During 2005, the Cassini space vehicle flew on the north crack of the Saturn planet and found that sky there was as blue as Earth sky personally. For years, only Cassini that could enjoy this scenery, because from Earth, the upper Saturn part that was blue was covered by Saturn rings.

Galileo personally had not understood the natural basic characteristics from Saturn rings. He did not know that they in fact was the small collection of satellites that orbited in the orbit field piringan, measuring from dust to of our month (the Possibility of these rings was debris or ruins from the satellite that was destroyed, but the scientists personally were still not correctly convinced would this). Through teleskop the age his 17, this ring more resembled ears or a kind of planet earlobe.

Nevertheless, his intuition guided Galileo to making the exact prediction, that rings that were lost this will come back. And he was true. The Saturn ring again appearance, and the scientists concluded his research. During 1659, exactly Christiaan Huygens explained the disappearance incident of the ring that was periodic for the occurrence “pelintasan the field cincin” or “ring the plane crossing” this. During 1660, Jean Chapelain said that the Saturn ring not was the solid, but was made from small particles that a large number of and each orbiting Saturn independently. For two hundred years, his proposal had an opportunity to be not accepted widely, before evidently was proven correctly.

From : science@NASA