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Monday, 8 December 2008

10 Mystery in The World

10 Mystery in The World

1. The Taos Hum

The community and the visitor in a small city inNew Mexico, Taos, for years felt the disturbance and the wonder from the voice dengungan the low frequency in desert air. Awkward him only 2% of the inhabitants Taos that reported this. Several believed this was caused by the abnormal acoustics, several suspicious people of the existence of mass hysteria from something that was secret and horrifying. It was not yet any humankind that could find the source of this sound.

2. Bigfoot

For several decades, the giant had hair, the sample like humankind named Bigfoot often was reported by his existence in America. Despite thousands of Bigfoot must eksis to seek a living, not any his body was found. The carcass or their body that came from pemburuan, the collision or died naturally, also had never been found. Several photographs of the footsteps of their giant many in reported. This mystery was not yet solved until this.

3. Intuition

We could say this as the "sense to-six", the feeling, or another thing. Sometimes we felt the existence of intuition from time kewaktu. Of course many of the "feelings" yg was wrong, but that was sometimes felt correctly. The scientist and the psychologist recorded that humankind brought subconscious information about the life around we, that brought we felt we knew something but we did not know the condition or the actual incident, or why we knew that. Intuition very much was difficult to be proven and studied, and psychology was the only science that could answer him.

4. People Mysteriously Disappear

Humankind was lost for various reasons. Most escaped or were killed, but several could be found. But not with the human loss mysteriously beginning with kru Marie Celeste down to Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, and Natalee Holloway, several people disappeared without the tracks. And their search now does still not get results.. where the departure ??

5. Ghost

Since long ago many of the we who were frightened of this, their appearance in fact to their existence belief still was becoming the question mark. Is there the ghost in and around us? Could they be proven scientifically? Each country had the culture was different from the other country certainly had the different story of the ghost. For example the ghost vampire, dracula, warewolf in America was not in Indonesia that conversely had Kuntilanak, Gendoruwo, wewe gombel et cetera. The ghost was the mystery that still was becoming part of our life. Expected one day later to have the ghost's investigator that could prove that that died could communicate with that lived and answered this mystery.

6. Deja Vu

This phrase came from France that was significant "saw him", referred in an experience and the mysterious feeling about the place, the situation and the atmosphere where we feel like had experienced him. For example for example you were in a foreign village that had never been visited by you, but you felt very close and had seen the atmosphere as well as this village environment. There are those that believed that Deja vu was the experience that once natural humankind in the life beforehand. Like also intuition, the research could about human psychology offer the more natural answer, but this phenomenon continue to the mystery.

7. UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects)

The foreign object was not known or UFO was not made hesitate still was available. Many already the person who saw, photographed and took his video. Several witnesses saw an object in the space that appeared foreign, several in fact had the experience of meeting the face with the creature's foreign noose that apparently came from outside this earth. From where they came? Could they communicate with humankind? This was still becoming the mystery as in the case of the Ghost's mystery and the phenomenon of other foreign creatures.

8. Live After Dead and Experience Near Dead

The person that once a rust, the comma or almost died sometimes reported his experience as entering into the tunnel, saw the light, was again united with them who have died, or felt suasa him that was peaceful, peaceful and so on sebagainya.Tapi strangely did not yet have the same story precisely one in an other manner. Sceptical people felt that this experience was resulted in by the hallucination from the condition traumatik to the human brain. Until this not yet there are those that could explain him well and scientifically.

9. Supranatural Power and ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception)

It was paranormal that was everywhere all over the world, in Indonesia could be felt by their presence was accepted naturally and it was considered normal. The psychological capacity and ESP were part of the world mystery that was not yet solved. His authentication occasionally too much was feigned referred in the human belief in the strength that was bigger in this world. Science still could not break this clearly, but his existence could not be also denied by us. Especially for us very religious Indonesians and still brought the east culture that was full of the mystery.

10. Connectivity Mind and Body

Science in the medical field was the only one that could begin to explain the method how thoughts could affect the body. The Placebo effect as for example demonstrated about several people who could come back was healthy and recovered from his illness or even in fact was sick and suffered only because they believed that that will happen. But authentication medically and scientifically very much weak, because our body had the capacity that was very extraordinary in recuperation in fact exceeded the most sophisticated medicine capacity even. The mystery and the phenomenon above depicted that humankind still was too young to say that this world has been known in depth. Various research efforts and the search were still continuing to be carried out. Until yes?? Same still mysterious.


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