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Friday, 27 February 2009

IPHONE "Kings Button" - The Most Expensive Handphone in The World

Seemly the financial crisis in the world does not affect with the jewel crafter from Austria, Peter Aloisson, because he created the record for himself with designed the most expensive iphone in the world.

Called Iphone 3G "Kings Button", the main key operation integrates with 6.6 carat high quality diamond. The phone itself is made of 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

This Apple iPhone 3G "Button Kings" is the most luxurious mobile phone until now. 'Button Kings' sold for around $ 2,517,345.

WOW, do you have a plan to buy it? :)

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Drop Nuclear Bom With One Click Used Google Map?

This feature was created by CarlosLab can be used to drop the nuclear bomb to the city you want. Curious? please click Read More ...

Created by CarlosLab, This Google Map Hack "The Ground Zero" can be indicated radius explosion of various nuclear bomb, from the "Little Boy"the 15 kiloton uranium Bom that destroyed Hiroshima and "Fat Man" plutonium the 21 kiloton Bom that destroyed Nagasaki.

How to use them? Just select a city to live your most "hateful" and select the nuclear bomb that you want and click the "Nuke It!" and see the range of the explosion. Unfortunately, not equipped with a sound effect, Will be more exciting again :)

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The Film of Street fighter : The Legend of Chun li - Use Idol Group to Promote

One type of campaign from the Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li film is to use idol group AKB48 to promote the film, which will be launched tomorrow, the exact date of February 28 in Japan. This 10 sweets Chun Li , really makes me wonder. Another pictures can you see after the Read More .

This AKB48 idol group is one group popular in Japan, beside Morning Musume, Berryz Kobou, C-ute and Idoling!. It seems the film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li is hope very much to the mans fans of AKB48 to watch this film.

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Business Card with Google Search

This format of Business Card is very unique, in visually it hint to people that you gave the card, that they can google-ing there name to get some information about you.

Designer this card is Ji Lee and with his concept that with this card, you doesn't need to write in detail about you, because people can google-ing about your name.

This idea so good, but i don't want miss business opportunities, just because people assume me not serious, if i use this Business Card :)

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Sony OLED Walkman

There are have other alternative in choosing portable mp3 player than the iPod and iTouch. The alternative is Sony OLED Walkman.

OLED Sony Walkman is now already available for pre-order on Amazon UK. The Available type are NWZ-X1050B 16GB and NWZ-X1060B 32GB. For 16 GB is sold at $308 and the 32GB capacity is sold at $ 407.

seems it can also be a good choice , This Sony Walkman OLED :)

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fake Anti Virus

A new Malware disguise as an anti virus to deceive the users. This malware spreading the fake news to convince the users to download.

That is anti - virus 1 that usual called scareware. It force users to give some information such as credit card and spread more malware again. Anti - virus 1 disquise to be security software that called AntiVirus 2010, and even it can direct browser to open website that have fake contain, like above.

Not just fake contain, it also use fake security alert, emulate the design from Microsoft Security Center, run the fake blue screen crash, fake the reboot and pirate your Internet Explorer.

You should running the anti - spyware tool with latest update to clear infection from this malware.

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Assassin's Creed For PSP

Good news for PSP gamers that already join to many petition to present Assassin's Creed game to PSP, unisoft grant many people dream with the announced that will have Assassin's Creed game for PSP.

Assassin's Creed too, will released with PSP style. So there will have PSP with Assassin's Creed Theme. The Setting of this Assassin's Creed will in 100 years of Assassin's Creed previously. And Seems that Altair is not a First Character again :)

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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Natural Fruits For Your Healthy

Fruits is some of food that have Nutrient, Vitamins and Mineral that generally really good for consumption every day. Compared with The Medicine suplement chemistry which sell in market, fruits is more safety and without the negative effect for your body and beside that, the cost is cheeper than suplement that have the same function.

Below this, we can see the content, Savour and the benefit from a several fruits :

1. Tomato
- Tomato contains Vitamin A, B1 and C .
- Tomato can help us to clear our liver and blood.
- Tomato can prefent the kind of illness like Bloody Gums, Myopic, Bloody Agglomeration, Appendix, Prostate cancer and breasts cancer.

2. Papaya
- Papaya Contains Vitamin C and Provitamin A .
- Papaya can help us to break food fibre in digestion sistem.
- Papaya can make Digestion System fluent.
- papaya can prefent the kind of illness like heal your hurt, Eliminated the infection and Eliminated the allergy.

3. Banana
- Banana Contains Vitamin A, B1, B2 and C.
- Banana can help us to reduce acid stomach.
- Banana can help maintain water balance in the body.
- Banana can prefent the kind of illness like interference in the stomach, heart disease, stroke and lower cholesterol level in blood.

4. Mango
- Mango Contains Vitamin A , E and C.
- Mango can act as disinfectant.
- Mango can clear the blood.
- Mango can prefent kind of illness like body odor and reduce body heat during a fever.

5. Strawberry
- Strawberry Contains Provitamin A and Vitamin B, B1 and C .
- Strawberry Contains antioxidants to fight free radical oxygen.
- Strawberry can prefent kind of illness like interference in the health treat bladder, to be anti virus and to be anti cancer.

6. Apple
- Apple Contains Vitamin A, B and C.
- Apple can help lower cholesterol level in blood.
- Apple can prefent kind of illness like to be anti-cancer substances, reduce the appetite there is too much.

7. Orange
- Orange Contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, and C.
- Orange Contain anti cancer for the body.
- Orange can prefent kind of illness like mouth problems and reduce the risk of kardiovaskuler exposure, cancer, and cataracts.

8. Pear
- Pear Contains Vitamin C and Provitamin A.
- Pear Contains anti oksidan to maintain good health.
- Pear can prefent kind of illness like reduce fever and remove the sputum from sputum cough.

9. Guava
- Guava Contains more vitamin C.
- Guava Contains substances antioxidan and antikanker.
- Guava prefent kind of illness like lower blood cholesterol level, treat infections, facilitate the circulation of blood and etc.

10. Watermelon
- Watermelon contains Vitamin C and Provitamin A.
- Watermelon can be anti allergic.
- Watermelon prefent kind of illness like lower blood cholesterol level and prevent a heart attack.

so, what fruit do you like? and see the usage :)

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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Cyclotron - Cancer Killing Machine

One step improvement from world Medical Technology. a Machine that can kill cancer, which appearance will be the best Cancer Killing Machine that ever created by human.

Called Cyclotron, it was designed for do Therapy Proton. This Machine is a accelerator 250 mega-electron volt. So big this Machine, it have a building for this Machine. This Machine also designed to targeted tumour to radiation Therapy.

I missunderstand the procedure from this machine, but definitelyit is a good news. :)

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MP3 Speaker Bottle from Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, one of the famous fashion maker in the world, will sell their newest speaker by the very unique method, with their combines with mp3 Speaker. So you will get a Perfume at the same time one speaker.

The Calvin Klein Bottle musk, just produced in Limited Edition and united with MP3 Speaker, Unfortunately not MP3 player. There's not give some Specification about it. But we might not too much hope with this speaker, because normaly this product is not sell about ability, but only style. Will be sell with Cost $50, next month.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Skype in Nokia

Well for the readers who want to save a little money, Skype will apply there software in the newest cellular phone from Nokia. The first cellular phone that will get this software Skype is Smartphone N97, that will produced in June. Skype personally was software Chatting that has had fame in the maya world.

Nokia cellular phone will enclose Skype in address book to show that your colleague was online for the call or sending some messege, by using the internet ability from this cellular phone, this service will permit the user to speak with the other skype customer free and in a speaking manner with who at a cheep cost , used skypeOut. Reportedly again, this software skype also will be applied to Sony Ericsson Xperia1.

How about the other phone producer ? :)

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Monday, 16 February 2009

Avoid Bullets Technology From IBM

Believe it or not, IBM just patented a technology that could increase our reflex power, so as in a manner of the theory, we could avoid bullets like Neo in the Matrix film..

This "Bionic Body Armor" continually will do scan in the area around the user to find the shooting of bullets. If being detected by the existence of bullets in this area, the system will send the electric shock towards the muscle resulted in the movement of the reflex to the body avoiding bullets.

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Terminator : Salvation Toys

For the lover of the Terminator Film and was waiting for thisnewest Film from franchise, that is Terminator: Salvation. Mybe you will be Interest by this toy..

The Toy of Terminator : Salvation, Playmates Production mybe can't change you to be Arnold or a T-600, but you still can shoot the Fist from Terminator, that necessarily will be interesting, will not? This Flying Fist Toy will be sell out with their Film and the price costing $75.

The other toy from Terminator: salvation was similar makeup/costume kit that could change you like Tot-200 and that according to me the interesting was "Terminator T-600 Voice and Vision Helmet", which had the eyes that could be burn and change your voice like the machine terminator like in the Film or in the TV.

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Sony Ericson IDOU - 12.1 Megapixels

This IDOU, the camera of High-End from Sony Ericsson that indeed has been waited for. This camera will have the quality of the very good photograph, because was supported by the camera 12.1 Megapixel.

Although this camera still far from Finishing, apart from the camera 12.1 Megapixels, also will be support with the screen touchscreen 3.5 16:9. This cellular phone apparently still will be base on Symbian.

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Democratic Chess Set - Make Your Victory Step

Are you Chess lover? did you imagine your chess seed discuss with one another and also with you to take the best step towards the victory. This one chessboard gave you this ability...

The designer name is Michael Marcovici was developing the chessboard, he called "Democratic Chess Set", that is a chessboard that had built-in IP-WLAN network camera to each one of there chess seeds that eventually will facilitate the interaction between the chess seed and the interaction with the player and results of "discussions will be "determined" by humankind.

Marcovici personally said that this technology has wrought and the prototype will be available in the near future.

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LG GD 900 - With Transparent Keypad

During the first time saw the picture of the cellular phone below this. Definitely we at once were interested, because the keypad that were transparent and this newest cellular phone from LG was called as LG GD 900, that will increase the pretty LG cellular phone rank.

That not yet much information concerning fitur from this LG cellular phone in the near future, but several fitur has been obtained by us, like the thickness of the cellular phone 13,4mm with 7.2 Mbps HSDPA. This LG design in fact resembled the Slider LG cellular phone that beforehand, the difference only in the keypad that will show the light when being spent.

Until had the reporting fitur that was more complete, enjoyed previously, That beautiful design. ^^

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Lenovo ThinkPad

Non activing the notebook via sms lenovo offer unique solution for user that losing notebook thinkpad for save the important data that saved in hard disk .

The security data service in notebook that called constant secure remote disable offered for user that feeled security system use BIOS password,finger print,and encryption hard still not enough .After listed in this service user just send deadly email to the receiver notebook and next automatic self killed

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Monday, 9 February 2009

Guide for Modem 3G and Router Wi-Fi

Mifi that will be publish by novate in the begining of 2009 that means to answer consumen claims that wanted to get connection wireless without override portable factor for any mobile device and user. When like this notebook , camera digital , console game , and multimedia player can exchange communication or change data in any place and time.

The device like a card with a cool name Intelligent Mobile Hotspot,This will supply standart support new connection HSPA and can syupply router function with Wi-Fi connection .Novatel too promised will supplying room for developer application third party for developing application that can processing in Wi-Fi . Except that Novatel planning to supply slot plus for ekstern media micro SD.This two fasilities explained by novatel for Mifi not only has function like mode and just a router byt also can use to other function like caching web server,mail server or VPN end point

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Doping NVIDIA for Intel atom

The netbook popularity with intel atom processor and intel chipset 945GSE that happen now not mean that combination from those two is ideal.

The length of the battery that better than notebook has side effects in its perfomance that not enough.If it just for surfing in the internet,check the email or processing office application the combination of those two is good,but how about the performance when its forcing to work processing some multimedia application or playing game 3D?

This problem make a chance for NVIDIA for offer the solution that called ion Platform.Their recipe is simple just combine intel atom processor with their GPU,Geforce 9400 for jack graphics work not only in netbook but also in the implementation product like SFF PC and the other PC.

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Will be More Ads in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger programs will be more crowded with ads. During this time, Yahoo Messenger users for this, always show head ads in their window at the bottom of the buddy list. However, for the next month, Yahoo Messenger users will receive more and more ads.

This is because Yahoo have to start to add more profitable business on its instant messenger. Yahoo will place ads from different companies on his chat window.

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MAC OS X Leopard

To increase performance for the operating system their made, apple end of year 2008 has been launched update mac OS X 10.5.6 Update. This update applies to the appropriate operating system in Mac OS X leopard version 10.5, 10.5.1, 10.5.2, 10.5.3, 10.5.4 and 10.5.5.

Apple says that this latest update includes a host of improvements and increased the operating system for mac OS X Leopard in general will be the ability to provide stability, compatibility, security and optimal. In addition, Mac OS X 10.5.6 Upadte can also improve the ability to synchronize Address Book with the iphone and other devices or applications.

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Trojan Banking Sinowal

Since more than three years ago, in circulating a destructive program that is very dangerous and can not be stopped. Trojan banking sinowal a.k torping this more successfully steal confidential data from 100,000 in the last six months. However, total data that piracy already reached more than 300,000 and sent to the database server on the internet.

According to information from the manufacturer Kaspersky antivirus, how to work destroyer program is very neat. Once the trojan penetrate through a website that teringeksi, trojan will be hidden in the system with the help of technical root-kit. Trojan will be active every time booting windows. When users open a bank website, this trojan will injection destroyer program and displays fake login page website with a very original website.

there are more than 2700 international bank website in the world is threatened with attack.

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Edifier MP 300 Plus

In general, the notebook has the default speaker sound quality. In fact, besides need to use for work, notebook at the core also serves as a means of entertainment when you in way. See the need for a quality audio system in the notebook, Edifier offer portable 2.1 speaker newest series, MP300 Plus. Speaker of weight less than 2kg (1.8 kg) and packed in a special bag is made from Tubular Sub-Woofer size of 2 inches and two mid - range / high frequency driver spherical measuring 1.5 inches.

Speaker that already magnetically shielded has a frequency response of - consecutive 230 Hz - 20 kHz (Driver left and right) and 45 hz - 200hz (Sub-woofer). The speaker output power with 15 W RMS (2 x 2.5 W and 9 W) has the value of the ratio of signal - to - noise above 85 DBA.

One of the special of MP300 plus intelligent electric system is the distortion control (EIDC), which functions to detect and adjust the volume level so that begin automatically input overload effect can be avoided. According to the plan, Edifier MP300 plus, will be sold at prices around USD 99

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New Era to Game Tester

Success of The game left 4 dead as a survival Horror game not from a grisly story. However, all of that comes from a system that allows the game to set their own event that occurs based on the condition of the players who are in there. so, the components made in the game versatility can simulate the stress level after a lot of tension in the game and give the event in accordance with the situation. The result is a tense game of survival.

all of that is the result of statistics gathered by Valve, the company that makes game development game left 4 dead, come from the tester during the development game.

According to Gabe Newell, Valve leaders, even though the company has the ability to simulate the players in a game, not mean that the human tester game so it will be replaced by artificial alias machine versatility. the existence of the human tester is the most important part to determine the emotional and psychological impact on the gamer who play their game.

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