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Monday, 9 February 2009

Edifier MP 300 Plus

In general, the notebook has the default speaker sound quality. In fact, besides need to use for work, notebook at the core also serves as a means of entertainment when you in way. See the need for a quality audio system in the notebook, Edifier offer portable 2.1 speaker newest series, MP300 Plus. Speaker of weight less than 2kg (1.8 kg) and packed in a special bag is made from Tubular Sub-Woofer size of 2 inches and two mid - range / high frequency driver spherical measuring 1.5 inches.

Speaker that already magnetically shielded has a frequency response of - consecutive 230 Hz - 20 kHz (Driver left and right) and 45 hz - 200hz (Sub-woofer). The speaker output power with 15 W RMS (2 x 2.5 W and 9 W) has the value of the ratio of signal - to - noise above 85 DBA.

One of the special of MP300 plus intelligent electric system is the distortion control (EIDC), which functions to detect and adjust the volume level so that begin automatically input overload effect can be avoided. According to the plan, Edifier MP300 plus, will be sold at prices around USD 99