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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ravage USB Flash Drive - USB Drive That Can Transform As Transformer

Maybe when you're still a child, you love to collecting transformers toys. So you might remember one of the transformers that called Ravage. Ravage is a transformer that can fold itself into a micro-cassette so, it can easily penetrate to go anywhere. Now Ravage is come back, but not as a micro tapes but a micro-USB Flash Drive ...

You can get Ravage USB Flash Drive in BigBadToyStore with price $ 42.99, quite expensive for a 2GB USB Drive but capicity is not a reason for buy this product.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

Cybook Opus Ebook Reader Place in Your Pocket

An e-book reader, onse weight around 5.3, the latest portable equipment Booken, called Opus Cybook has a sharp 200 dpi resolution and in addition also support PDF format, something that is not owned Kindle 2 ...

although the size of bag, including Opus dispaly that are 6 inches standard, flash memory 1Gbnya accommodate ePub, PDF, HTML and text format. Medley also have access to a catalog with more than 150,000 titles. Battery life time is estimated to be 8.000 pages. If in standby tool can survive for 21 days.

Not yet there are news about the price, but Opus will arrive in June 2009

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Friday, 15 May 2009

Macbook Air Competitor From MSI: X400 and X600

MSI Previously known as the computer maker until occurrence revolution that named netbook and the company get started with the wind u100. u100 is one of the best netbook that available in the market. To continue the perfrmance, Now MSI prepared to launch the competition for macbook Air with X-Slim newest model that called x400 and x600.

Pricing and exact for launching date of the x400 and x600 still not known. Info that we can give is that the x400 will have 14-inch screen and will boast his Li-poly battery that very small and the x400 is only have 1.5 kg weight. While the x600 will offer 15-inch screen with a total weight 2.1 kg. Hopefully the laptop from MSI will be give us a new color in the world of notebook.

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Television Flat Screen Dangerous For Children

According to the research, almost around 8.500 children visit UGD hospital in 2007 because of an accident involving a fall television. A child called Dymounique Wilson aged 4 years and even died because of a similar accident. MSNBC television station that first reported this story, has been providing preventive steps that can be followed by owners of television so that similar incidents do not recur again. 

One of them is: When you hang a flat-screen TV on your wall, it is important not to hurry - hurry possible. You can also use a strap or bracket L (carpenter to install shelves on the wall) to add stability

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Body Check Ball – Ball that Can Read Fat Contents In Your Body

Normal body weight can only measure your weight, but the Body Check Ball can provide this detail the detail, such as degree of fat in your body.

How to use Body Ball Check this very easy, you live with both holding the hands on the images you like, and a pair of electrode reading will fat in your body, your bone density and muscle ratio, and display it through the LCD screen. Ball supports up to 10 different user profiles, sold for $ 39

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Man Arrested Because Take a Picture to a Bank officer while inserting ATM

After taking a picture with the camera's own, where a bank clerk and the police are filling an ATM, such as below. Someone named Shane Becker even arrested by the police. Hmm .. How about - about?

A careful critical, the problem appeared to lie not in the photos that he took, but on the attitude reject cooperation with police. When called and asked to speak briefly, Becker refused any cooperation in the discussion, let alone to submit his identity. While police have not yet had time to say what - what. Police were forced to handcuff Becker ago and took him up attitude is not fun.

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

GPS Tracker Is Legal Now?

Police can now put a GPS tracking equipment in your car to be silent - silent, without a warrant previously. With the device, wherever you go will being by the police and they can prosecute you if you are legally established violation of law, fortunately it is only applicable law in Wisconsin ...

They ago to track wherever you go without you, and you claim the law was evident when you violate the law ...

The court reasoned that the legitimate - legitimate only if the police spying people like this because the GPS tracking does not involve search or seizure.
Good Bye Privacy:).

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Newest Samsung LCD can float in air?

Samsung has announced the latest LCD for computer users that includes Touch of Color design. Monitor has a "neck" made of acrylic that Samsung will make their monitor look like through the air ...

Available in 3 models, the P2070, P2370 and P2370HD. Both models P2370 and P2370HD, both have a resolution of 1920x1080 for HD content. The difference is they have a HDTV Tuner P2370HD already integrated. While the P2070 has a screen resolution of 1600x900. The three LCD offers a contrast ratio of 50.000:1. P2070 sold for $ 220 while the P2370 is sold at $ 300

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Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Clock that Remembering Your Important Schedule

To forget the promise that often comes late or when the dates, hours, "dry erase wall clock" this allows you to write all your important appointments on it, as a Reminder for you always take time ...

Made of plywood shaped plate, this clock works with a AA battery and comes complete with special pen and the eraser, all sold at $ 135 (IDR 1,620,000). Expensive!!!

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Saturday, 2 May 2009

New Psp Will Come This Year?

Sony will officially announce the newest Sony PSP on the E3 2009 later in June. PSP will say this latest form of the new features and will not have the UMD slot again, can make a more affordable price?

To replace the UMD slot to its new PSP will have a flash memory of 8 GB or 16 and rely on features to get the download the game. According to the site 1UP, the PSP will also have the latest game catalog of more than 100 games at launch later.

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