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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

GPS Tracker Is Legal Now?

Police can now put a GPS tracking equipment in your car to be silent - silent, without a warrant previously. With the device, wherever you go will being by the police and they can prosecute you if you are legally established violation of law, fortunately it is only applicable law in Wisconsin ...

They ago to track wherever you go without you, and you claim the law was evident when you violate the law ...

The court reasoned that the legitimate - legitimate only if the police spying people like this because the GPS tracking does not involve search or seizure.
Good Bye Privacy:).


Anonymous said...

I got this tracker from brickhousesecurity.com and it was the best purchase I've made in a while. I have a teenage daughter that just got her license. It's terrifying to think of her driving on the road alone, but now I feel like I'm there with her.