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Monday, 9 February 2009

Trojan Banking Sinowal

Since more than three years ago, in circulating a destructive program that is very dangerous and can not be stopped. Trojan banking sinowal a.k torping this more successfully steal confidential data from 100,000 in the last six months. However, total data that piracy already reached more than 300,000 and sent to the database server on the internet.

According to information from the manufacturer Kaspersky antivirus, how to work destroyer program is very neat. Once the trojan penetrate through a website that teringeksi, trojan will be hidden in the system with the help of technical root-kit. Trojan will be active every time booting windows. When users open a bank website, this trojan will injection destroyer program and displays fake login page website with a very original website.

there are more than 2700 international bank website in the world is threatened with attack.