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Monday, 16 February 2009

Avoid Bullets Technology From IBM

Believe it or not, IBM just patented a technology that could increase our reflex power, so as in a manner of the theory, we could avoid bullets like Neo in the Matrix film..

This "Bionic Body Armor" continually will do scan in the area around the user to find the shooting of bullets. If being detected by the existence of bullets in this area, the system will send the electric shock towards the muscle resulted in the movement of the reflex to the body avoiding bullets.


NoRLaNd said...

May i know something... it is true ?? When it's IBM doing this research ?!?

*btw, nice to meet you :)

VR said...


Yes, i think it's true, but i don't know, when IBM doing this research...

if you want more info, you can visit


thx for your visit.. ^^
Nice to meet you too...

Secret 4 SEO said...

all technology will be diffrent each time because of some research

aries said...

thats realy interesting post...good job :)

VR said...

Yeah, i agree with "Secret 4 SEO".. ^^

and thx for "Aries".. ^^

Thx for ur comment.. :)