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Monday, 9 February 2009

Guide for Modem 3G and Router Wi-Fi

Mifi that will be publish by novate in the begining of 2009 that means to answer consumen claims that wanted to get connection wireless without override portable factor for any mobile device and user. When like this notebook , camera digital , console game , and multimedia player can exchange communication or change data in any place and time.

The device like a card with a cool name Intelligent Mobile Hotspot,This will supply standart support new connection HSPA and can syupply router function with Wi-Fi connection .Novatel too promised will supplying room for developer application third party for developing application that can processing in Wi-Fi . Except that Novatel planning to supply slot plus for ekstern media micro SD.This two fasilities explained by novatel for Mifi not only has function like mode and just a router byt also can use to other function like caching web server,mail server or VPN end point