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Saturday, 21 February 2009

MP3 Speaker Bottle from Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, one of the famous fashion maker in the world, will sell their newest speaker by the very unique method, with their combines with mp3 Speaker. So you will get a Perfume at the same time one speaker.

The Calvin Klein Bottle musk, just produced in Limited Edition and united with MP3 Speaker, Unfortunately not MP3 player. There's not give some Specification about it. But we might not too much hope with this speaker, because normaly this product is not sell about ability, but only style. Will be sell with Cost $50, next month.


katherine said...

Oh i love CK, and nice idea, an MP3 Speaker in a bottle..

leo said...

waw keren...beli nya di mana yah??.... ^^

VR said...

hi.. mybe u can buy it at CK dealer.. hoho.. ^^

Rayza said...

where can i buy it?