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Monday, 8 December 2008

The lossing Waratah Ship

The mystery sank him the luxurious Waratah ship that was closed while 95 years will immediately be expressed. The ship that the possibility of foundering in South African waters, currently was investigated. In 1912, when the ship went for a trip Titanic that was most luxurious in the world hit the ice mountain, showed a true story that was moving in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. But, that was not yet known by many people was, that before the incident sank him Titanic, in 1909 a ship went for a trip his equally luxurious giant with Titanic namely Waratah carried and contained the thing weighing 6.500 ton, mysteriously was lost in the middle of the area ocean. According to the report on the Australian mass media, currently an investigating team heads the location sank him this ship, and the puzzle answer on the secret that was closed while 95 years possibly immediately will be expressed.

The ship went for a trip luxurious that was lost mysteriously this was the ship went for a trip Waratah that was famous that, that was the ship belonging to “Blue Anchor Ocean Transport Corporation” Australia. The ship was given by the Waratah name, the New South Wales coat-of-arms flower, Australia. The ship the length 140 metre, was made by the production company of the Barclay ship, Scotlandia in 1908. And was the same as the Titanic ship that was made later, the ship went for a trip Waratah was the most big and luxurious ship at that time, and was acknowledged as the ship that “antitenggelam along masa”. His equipment was very luxurious, in the cabin part, grander than the Titanic ship, and was equal to the Ritz hotel in Swiss at this time that was classified as super-grand.

The ship used the vapour power that was produced by coal as the motive power, had 8 waterproof spaces, the production technique and his technology could be given a mark of one by the number in the world. His maiden voyage was very smooth, and quickly caused the stir in the world, a large number of famous people and aristocracies all of them felt proud of holding the trip by travelling by a ship went for a trip like this big this.

Be lost in a misterius manner

in July 1909, the Waratah ship began to be sailing from England, was filled up by 211 passengers and 6.500 ton the cargo thing, headed Australia. For the length of the trip, in the grand ship cabin information light was switched on all day, and various reception sorts and the party of the night took place continually. When in the trip through South Africa, the ship went for a trip that docked in the east South African quay, with the intention to rest and contain equipment, afterwards sailed still headed the following aim namely Cape Town.

After the passengers bersuka cheerful with to the full in South Africa, on July 27, the Waratah ship began to be again sailing from Durban. However that was surprising was, at that time suddenly to the rare storm wind happen happened above sea level, strangely a large number of small ships that went to sea did not happen anything, then everyone felt that the storm will in no way result in some sort threats for the ship going for a trip like this big this.

Evidently their assumption was wrong. The Waratah ship did not arrive in Cape Town in accordance with time that was planned, and above sea level also did not have the tracks of the ship! The Waratah ship was stated was lost mysteriously! The navy of Kerajaan Australia immediately mobilised the search fleet, but did not get some sort results. Apart from a passenger that be lucky mujur that descended in Durban, South Africa, the ship went for a trip that was most luxurious in the world that brought many passengers and valuable thing cargo at that time, apparently sailed headed towards an other world.

The Bad address

According to the news, before the Waratah ship was lost mysteriously, at that time emerged several “perta you not baik” would the occurrence of the disaster. Before leaving from England, the captain of the ship that just like the experience namely Joshua Ibally held the total inspection of the condition for the ship, and was found evidently cargo things in the ship too many, so as the deck of the ship was pressed down, but his complaint did not receive attention.

Moreover was insisting passengers will descend in Durban namely Claude Soya. During after the ship went for a trip was lost, with the heart that still was covered by the fear, Claude Soya recalled again the incident at that time and said, that himself had experienced a bad dream, in his dream, the Waratah ship turn upside down by a horrifying wave, the hold headed to sky, after that was lost. He often held the trip overseas, he realise that ship cargo that the weight exceeded the capacity could result in the risk of 8the very risky safety, consequently he was determined to descend in Durban, planned to rise the ship that was other to come home. He sent a telegram for his wife in Durban, “Kapal Waratah overload (exceeded the burden), I descended in Durban.

Finally, his bad dream really became the horrifying reality, and Claude Soya became the only person that be lucky mujur from the end of the ship trip went for a trip Waratah.

Confusing reasons

The ship loss went for a trip luxurious Waratah caused extraordinary commotion in the world, equally noisy him as sinking him the Titanic ship, although anyway people did not believe that the ship went for a trip luxurious that could be lost just like that in the middle of the area ocean. In the 2nd year after this incident, the relatives of passengers who experienced the disaster initiated a movement of the search for 3 length months, but came back in an empty manner.

The Waratah ship was not supplemented with the radio communications and the telegram installation, consequently after leaving from Durban, he did not have communication relations again with the mainland, also did not send some sort help signals. Expertly the seeker and the rescuer of the sea disaster believed, that the steamship sank in the area ocean. However, reasons for this incident even crisscrossed and confusing. Several experts considered, that the design or the ship plan had problems, the deck part of the ship was too heavy, so as to result in the incident sinking him the ship. Moreover, several other experts considered, that the ship was pulled in a rotation that was mysterious in the middle of the ocean, and that was some that could not be opposed by the strength of humankind.

There was No Shadow

After the Waratah ship was lost mysteriously, people continued to be able to not determine the position of the ship. In 1929, a soldier who took part in the exercise said, that through his telescope found the remnants of the legacy of the Waratah ship, but not there are those that trusted his findings. In 1962, one day that was glorious, the wind abated and calm sea, so clear him sea water so as very vague could be seen the seabed. A pilot suddenly saw the ship noose that sank when flying on South African sky of the waters region. The pilot that was on the aircraft at that time and currently was 80 years old more, he remembered came back and said, “Lambung the ship was very big, did not appear the smoke chimney or the mast, but the side porthole of the ship, and the door could be to the cabin seen clearly."

Further in 1999, the South African earth scientist that is Peter Lamuzy thought that he found the remnants of the legacy of the Waratah ship, but 2 years afterwards just were known that that was legacy of a U kind submarine belonging to Germany that foundered at the time of the 2nd World War. The position sank him the ship went for a trip luxurious that was mysterious that became a mystery that was not yet solved.

Immediately was expressed

Under help of the fund from Crayfe Casler the writer of the book about the search and the appointment of the Titanic ship, an investigating team, used one of the fisherman's ships that was reorganised and carried sonar (navigation and the grating with the sound) that at this time was most sophisticated in the world to the depth of sea, began to be departing towards the South African coastal coast, to look for the remnants of the legacy after sinking him this Waratah ship. The investigator's team leader namely Iomulun Brand said, “Ini was a work that really was difficult, but I continued to feel optimistic.

They brought the pilot who had seen the location sank him the ship, and the position sank him this ship was locked in territorial sea along 80 square km.. If the position sank him the ship was determined, they will send a diver or a submarine to investigate him more previously. If they were successful, then the secret that was closed dust for 95 years finally had been expressed.