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Monday, 8 December 2008


Everyone earlier cheered happy and cheered on the Rockstar name when they made an announcement perilisan GTA IV to PC. Rupa-apparently plenty of technical problems that blocked perilisan GTA IV the PC version, sehinga the road that must be followed by Rockstar not was as smooth that was thought by them.

The problem that struck GTA IV proceeded in the scope hardware and software. From the side hardware, the consumer many that complain about if GTA IV evidently not mensupport mode SLI. Then from the side software, many consumers who complained about various code sorts error good when the installation took place or during playing. Damage that was experienced by GTA IV did not stop until there, several consumers complain about that the computer that was owned by them had the specification that more than enough, but in fact game this continued to force the consumer to use the lowest regulation when playing him. The Rockstar comment was for this one problem seen as washing the hands, according to them the regulation that was higher in aimed for more sophisticated computers and often was not yet owned by the consumer at this time. Until this the problem that struck GTA IV was not yet resolved in fact Steam that offered refund for GTA IV that didownload from their site.