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Monday, 29 December 2008

My robot is My wife

TOKYO - Congestion the world of work sometimes makes people difficult to find the perfect life. Bureau partner or even romance sites often can not help people find their forever love. The heart uproar that encourage Le Trung, male Japanese origin, to the wife of the robot. 'Wife' creation Le Trung is the name given aiko. She not only feminim and the section, but also set a clever and intelligent household.

Aiko which means love of children, equipped with the talent and the 3000 math vocabulary in English and Japanese. He was also able to recognize faces, read from a newspaper.

Works that are filled with love is made with Le Trung spend up to 14 thousand poundsteling. In fact, Le Trung debtor and willing to sell the car.

Strong desire to create a robot that because Le Trung does not have the time to find the pair a perfect real life. Unfortunately, aiko can not be related the withdrawal couple.

"Nevertheless, I want to make aiko see, feel and act as a human. So it can be a perfect complement to life," said this former programmers. "He does not need a holiday, or eating. Aiko but will be working almost 24 hours a day. She is the perfect woman," He said.