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Monday, 29 December 2008

Girls 9 Years Old Break Microsoft record

Do we think to join the test for the Microsoft Certified Professional? To follow it is just difficult, especially if you want to break the previous record. But it is not true for girls aged 9 years old who came from India.

A girl aged 9 years worth of India referred to as small genius. At the young age he passed the exam Microsoft Certified Professional and record-breaking advance.

Girl named M. Lavinashree from India is reported the most young people to be able to achieve the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam. Thus Lavinashree break the previous record held Arfa Karim, Pakistan girls aged 10 years. Lavinashree have been called the record-breaking. He reputedly holds the record memorize 1300 Tamil tale that has been aged 2000 years.

Currently Lavinashree reported was trying completed the test of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. In an interview with a television station Lavinashree claim want to become scientists.