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Monday, 8 December 2008

Nokia S60 and IBM Lotus Notes

Various sorts of email access were used by Nokia, including IBM Lotus Notes for several Nokia cellular phones based S60. This Nokia step in a manner indirectly enabled millions of users of the Notes Lotus to access their email with Nokia equipment. This also was the market opportunity that was significant for IBM Lotus Notes, that was used by 140 million users license, because the Nokia customer could currently open the Notes Lotus and accesses his collaboration capacity when they went on a trip.

Therefore then more than 80 million people who used Nokia equipment S60 could conect with the email account corporate they with software Server the Domino Lotus that was named the Notes Traveler Lotus. Software that enabled access real-time to the e-mail, the calendar, the address book, the journal and to-do list this will be available for Nokia equipment in December 2008.

According to IBM Institute for Business Value, this year, for the first time, the number of people who had moving equipment would more of the to the number of people who had the cable telephone. IBM predicted will be gotten by one billion users Web moved during 2011 and will have the big shift in the interacting human method with Web in the decade that will come. Moreover, at this time the amount of moving equipment overcame the number of television sets, the credit card and PC.

"With this collaboration, 90 percent of the business email could be mobile with Nokia equipment, without must buy server, middleware or the additional licence." With the presence (presence), the position and technology that were owned by IBM in the email market korporat, IBM was the important partner for us. We must be able to connected with the email, information and our network if we were apart from the office. And all this must be able to be carried out easily and appropriately our requirement. The Notes Traveler lotus for Nokia equipment was the example that was good about this, explained Senior Nokia Soren Petersen Vice President.

This announcement was the big development for IBM efforts to widen the moving support for the portfolio of Lotus software. The capacity to connect safely with the business email was the example of Future of Work, the IBM initiative that paid close attention to the changing work environment and anticipated tren-tren technology, the business, the community and the culture. IBM Lotus technology other that could be mobilised for the work anywhere, at any time was the Sametime Lotus to instant messaging and communication uniqfication, the Connections Lotus for the social network of the company and the Quickr Lotus to share contant social.