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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Electric Power of Mercedes Benz B-Class

To North American International the Show car (NAIAS) 2009—before named Detroit Auto Show that took place next month, the producer of the famous premium car from Germany, Mercedes-Benz, will introduce to the public of the concept of the study car BlueZero. Although not yet having the release from Mercedes-Benz, but the German media, especially ounce-line has presented the photograph of this car. According to them, these photographs were leaked by the insider Mercedes-Benz personally.

Although Mercedes-Benz mentioned this car of BlueZero Concept, but the German media precisely regarded him as B-Class the generation came. Autobild as one of the biggest automotive German medias even acknowledged him as “New B-Class Electric Power”.

This analysis was based on the dimension and of course the design of this car. Besides this, B-Class since being launched first in 2005 did not yet change models. Estimated, BlueZero will become B-Class that will be launched in 2010.

B-Class was the product of Mercedes-Benz that entered the MPV category unified that appeared with the design hatchback. His dimension a little bigger from A-Class.