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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

USB Memory With Auto Erase Feature - Safe Your Secret Data

From Fujitsu Laboratories announced some new technology that can help prevent data stored in usb that does not move to the wrong hands. The technology is being developed to provide this new view of security about a usb flash drive .

The first is a prototype USB memory (such as the picture above), which works like a normal usb flash drive, but it has a processor and an on-board batteries that can be used to automatically delete the data after a time you specify or delete the data when you put on flash drive in a foreign computer.

The second development of this technology is a redirect file that can prevent the files in a USB flash drive to move it to another computer or uploaded to the server that has not been approved. Although still a little confused with how it works, but the aim is to prevent important file to not out from office or company .


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