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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Cheating ? Now Will be Easier :D

This GSM pen is a tool that's for you who need "help" in Testing. "Help" here I mean cheat from your friend and this pen make everything will become easier :D

When the test, you can receive "information" on your mobile phone, without having to take the phone from your pants pocket. You just speak through the pen that you use to write and listen the answers from your friends through micro sized earpiece that has been provided together with this GSM pen.

All you have to do is connect your phone with your GSM pen and you can make and receive calls as usual. This GSM Pen do like normal bluetooth headset.


BlackBerry said...

Oho, good news for cheaters!!! Cheers :)

ridwan171 said...

punya cheat game warcraft....????

VR said...

what cheat do u mean? for DOTA?

Lalique said...

hello friend from TURKEY let you smiles

but where is your c box?
http://laracroft3.skynetblogs.be http://lunatic.skynetblogs.be

Able said...