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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Sales of Microsoft Down For First Time in 23 Years

The first time in 23 years. This also indicates that for the first time in history, Microsoft has failed to reach profitability.

Data issued, that their sales were down 6%, net income was down 32%, and microsoft is forced to dismiss 1,400 employees in January 3600 again and estimated will dismissed in mid-2010.

The cause of this decline is linked with the global economic situation are poor, which resulted in PC sales down about 7% to 9%. In addition to the popularity of the Netbook increasing. Although most of the Netbooks use the windows system, but most come with most of the windows XP, which is cheaper, so that income received is less microsoft.

Poor perception people of Windows Vista also aggravate the situation, and with Windows 7 that have not yet been will coast until the end of 2009. Microsoft will still go down for a while longer.


ghielz said...

wew........mungkin banyak yang ngebajak produk microsoft kali yach...jadinya bangkrut....hehehehe....salam kenal

Aline C. said...

Hello from Brazil! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Have a good week :)

John Deru said...

Masa sih microsoft rugi, perasaan selalu masuk perusahaan top 100 dunia..

Mr. Budget said...

Kasian Bill Gates donk..