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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tips To Become a Good Googler

Google as a search engine in the world can be a source of information without boundaries. . Share the tips that can use the ability to google for everything, so that will make the "googling" you become more comfortable ...

Here are some secret:
  • Use AND (Letter Caps) between words to get search results that contain both the word. (Example: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore)
  • Use OR (Letter Caps) between the word to get results that contain one word or a word thereafter. (Example: phone or mobile phone)
  • Use quotation marks ( ") to find results that include phrases that you write in full. (Example:" Digital Site for Technology Update ")
  • Use Google to search results or conversion calculation. (Example: "50 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit") then you will get direct answers from google 50 degrees.
  • Use Google As Your Dictionary - Begin your search by typing "define:" then you will get a definition of the word instantly.
  • Use google to follow the stock, sports, flights, etc - Google will give you a quick update when you search for all things related to it.
  • Use google to find answers about all things in the universe, then you will find it.

Hopefully useful


rusakparah said...

Nice Tips to Boobling.. upss sorry.. i mean Googling.. ehhehehe

Anonymous said...

use google as calculator.
just type any calculation u want to do.
Ex: 2+5

press enter. google will calculate for u. Yeah!