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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Windows 7

Microsoft doesn't directly said that windows 7 is the one solutions face the global crisis.But looking at the distance in three years from vista to show up .We can see this is the ultimate weapon from microsoft. It is different from XP and Vista that in long term until 7 years.Windows 7 itself will be publish at the end of the year.Because about the crisis windows 7 seem like issued too fast .But the micorosoft step is not wonder anymore because vista is down in the market.Vista only absorbed by corporate market only 10 percent.Beside this corporate market is the biggest market from windows family.

Windows 7 will publishing early because microsoft hear that there is feedback from windows loyal user that wanted operation system that can do the duty easier,fast and can make something new .Now windows 7 can use its new features in beta version.This is the trial version that can try for fublic for free.Windows 7 send new features like new taksbar,Notification area as change system tray,Action centre,UAC that smarter ,iTunes compatible ,MultiTouch,New Windows Paint ,Media Player minimalis,and search connector.Instead that features windows 7 claimed faster ,light,safe,and stable than vista.In notabene netbook has low specification.Windows 7 can operating fast and safe.


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