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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hamilton Controlled Mclaren F1 With Blackberry Storm

Is not special when a Lewis Hamilton control the car with a remote control. But will be extraordinary if Hamilton controled his F1 via BlackBerry Storm device.

That snippet of a video image in the Daily Mail. In these Games, Hamilton located next to the "Jet Land" mclaren seemly play a BlackBerry Storm.

The gadget is used by Hamilton turn to the right and to the left as being at the wheel. Well, along with the movement, the wheel of a F1 car beside consecutive plays. Hamilton plays a hand to the left, also the wheel and so on.

Like controled remote control car, the youngest F1 world champion ago, get out a mclaren F1 car from the garage, still use the BlackBerry Storm, and then Hamilton swift it in a small circuit while take a fancy with the car still wearing his lovely blackberry storm.

This showing technology is the development from what is done by mclaren Mercedes sponsor with the team, Vodafone. Previously the developers to do the simulation with the mini mclaren F1 car using a remote control similar.

The simulation with a mini car finally make the team's of mclaren invites developers to test it to real F1 car. This is what became the "new toys" for Hamilton when he want to enjoy his free time, hmmm the amaizing toy and just can enjoyed by some people.

With remote control technology, and imagination of each person would be able to develop the wild. Perhaps, in few years will be F1 race that no longer require a driver to sit directly behind the cockpit, but is controlled from the remote only, may be a unique entertainment when this technology was developed.

"The technology which developed by Vodafone really incredible. I will not say it can replace Lewis Hamilton, because he is very extraordinary. But 1 thing that is incredible that can be done by a gadget Blackberry Storm!" Head of Communications mclaren said Matt Bishop to ESPN Racing-Live, that cited by F1 Live.


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