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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

HRP-4C - Robot Model Will Be The First Walking On Catwalk

Once again news of the development technology of robot in Japan, called HRP-4C, such as Asimo is created for the family, this robot was created to be a model and Fashion in Japan.

Developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Techonolgy Japan, This robot will start tread catwalk next week.

HRP-4C has 42 motor organ, with 152cm high (the average level high of women in Japan) with a weight of 47.5 kg, is also equipped with expressions such as sad, angry or happy and the ability to walk style like the model. Estimated price of this robot is $ 200,000. Wanna buy it? :)


aa.LiL - belajar dan berbagi said...

Nice Info... keep share..

Mr.Dream said...

the robot is very cute, very adorable