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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Yuen To Speaker music

If you including the person who liked cute things and not frightened to use money to buy something that was unique, although in fact might not. Then was suggested by me for you to buy this speaker one.

This speaker was called Yuen'To Music Ball aka Ballon music, one mono speaker that could be charge and was used for all the implements audio portable. This implement had power 7 watt, and could remain for 2 hours after charged, with fitur that not very much, this speaker was sold with $76,16 price. This Yuen'To Music Ball was available in various colours, that is passion pink, melow yellow, romantic red, bombastic blue, or boring black

This Speaker one is not the product that must be owned, but it could increase the cute of your iPod.


vhingF said...

cute & cool!


VR said...

yeah, cute sound... thx for the comment.. ^^

Kay Leaf said...