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Monday, 26 January 2009

Choco Phone Cellular

The famous bag and clothes company, Channel, launched the cellular phone that their the designed , what kind of the display from this Channel Cellular Phone?

This cellular phone was called Channel Choco Phone. Choco in the name of this cellular phone, was not significant that this cellular phone will be wrapped in the color of chocolate. This because, this cellular phone was seen like a chocolate when being not used. With 12 micro light fibre in this cellular phone so as the component - this cellular phone component was seen like glasses.

This cellular phone apparently will define the price was very expensive when compared with the other cellular phone. However for you that trapped high and wanted to have the exclusive cellular phone, as well as luxurious. Then phone cellular for you.


Nanang said...

Nice blog and articles :)

VR said...


thx for your comment.. ^^