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Monday, 26 January 2009

DOTA Allstar

Who did not know this game? DOTA allstar was Game that used Warcraft III FT for play it and DOTA was the best and the most favorite strategy game in the world now. where being gotten 2 territories which always war, that is Scourge (Bad) and Sentinel (Good). We could choose 93 heroes with the different. And every hero, was gotten 6 slot to places item that could increase the status of the hero. There are 3 kind of the hero's , that is Strength, Agility and Intelligence.

Strength (Str)

Hero of the Str type was the hero who had the very strong defence. Generally the hero of this type, could keep the attack more than the others type hero but for the attack, this hero was very slow.

Agility (Agi)
Hero of the Agi type was the hero who had the speed and damage that was very deadly, but the hero of this type, had HP that relative smaller then Str hero. Hero of this type was the killer hero who became the central in their team.

Intelligence (Int)

Hero of the Int type was the hero who had HP very little, so this hero usually was easy to be killed, but, hero of this type, had Skill that was very deadly. This hero usually becomes Support for their team.

Generally in the battle, really was demanded, the existence of the combination between all the type hero. To further, I will write, one by one the Hero inside dota with their skill and their capacity, wait in my next post, okey? :) .


crown paradise club cancun said...

Its is still one of the most playable online game.

Thanks for sharing.