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Friday, 30 January 2009

Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition

Bad news came from the lovers company. Honda S2000. Because Honda S2000 will be dismissed by the production. But Honda could prepare Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition. This Ultimate Edition version was made increase few sales S2000.

S2000 Ultimate Edition appeared with the white colour was wrapped the graphite plaque. The logo from S2000 that was also black could be seen around the vehicle part. This matter make this S2000 Limited Edition was seen more sporty.

Entered into the cabin, we will be welcomed by the seat that was wrapped in that red coloured skin in accordance with the gear lever (teeth). Only one part that was not touched that is the sector of the machine that still was relying on the machine 2.0L was powered by 237 HP.

The production of Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition was recorded will end in June. Apart from S2000, the other that was cancelled by this production was the NSX project, several the Acura cars (still one manufacturer with Honda), Cr-Z convertible and the machine V8 Configuration.