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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Exclusive For Japan in 2009

For gamer who waited to play the Fantasy XIII Final in English for them XBox 360 or PS3, apparently must be patient a little older. Because Square Enix will not release the Fantasy XIII Final for the American market or Europe during 2009.

In the newest trailer of Final Fantasy XIII in Tokyo Game Show this year, Square Enix offered the promise that made many fans the final fantasy tempted, that is the launching promise of the Fantasy XIII Final during 2009.

Unfortunately, this promise only was valid in Japan, because according to Square Enix, game this will not be marketed in America and Europe up to the middle of April in 2010. Although somewhat old,

but apparently appropriate to be waited for.


Ali Munandar said...

Keren nih FF ..udah lama ngga main nih game, terakhir main pas di PS 2 klo ngga salah

RiP666 said...

layak ditunggu nih

vinz13 said...

iya, emank keren bgt.. gw jg lagi ngg neh game.. ^^

intelligence said...