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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Netbook Asus With WIndows 7

Netbook Asus with Windows 7 Asus just introduced netbook light had a name S121 with two new technologies, the operation system (OS) Windows 7 and solid state drive (SSD) biggest in the world with the capacity of 512GB. S121 had the thickness below 1 inch (~2,5 cm) with the dimension 11,7 x 8,3 inch (~30 x 21 cm) with the weight ~1,36kg. S121 also had display the screen touched through software that was developed by Asus personally with the aim of facilitating navigation. Want to know information Completely about it.

S121 this just will be available in the market one month from now. Apparently possibly will not be present together with Windows 7 that currently still in the stage development. Possibly this was one of the tricks asus in increasing their sale that is by turning golden S121 this with the Vista and if Windows 7 have gone out, the consumer then could do upgraded free to Windows 7. S121 personally price around US$ 1,649 because of being packed with SSD 512 GB and by using Atom Intelligence 1.33-GHz.