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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Israel Claim That Become Obama’s Friend

Just as Barack Hussein Obama was appointed, the Israeli government immediately claimed as “friend” United States President the African descendants. The "core" of the "American policy of course will not change," said Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Haim Ramon. Until now America always supported the country's Zionis action.

The strong candidate Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, also considered Obama really understood Israeli aggression to the Gaza Strip. “Obama understood the suffering us,” he said. The Islam world hoped concerned to Obama. "We will see how he studied on his preceding mistake," said the Hamas spokesperson, Fawzi Barhum. "This territory waited for your method to handle Palestine," said Egyptian President Husni Mubarak.

In Indonesia, Chairman Nahdlatul Ulama Ahmad Bagja commented, "Obama (possibly) immediately did not bring the change." When making a speech in Capitol Hill, Obama indeed spoke, "for the world" of "Muslim, we looked for the new method, was based on the feeling of need each other and honoring each other." But he did not state firmly his attitude on Israeli aggression to the Gaza Strip.