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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

White Pentax K2000

For the readers who just wanted to better study and understand digital SLR Photography, Pentax issued one camera that was suitable for you.

Pentax just announced the launching of the limited edition from K2000 with the white color, complete with double zoom kit with the camera body and two lenses.

Along with was the package that was obtained by you, when bought K2000:
* DA-L 50-200 Lens
* DA-L 18-55 Lens
* USB Cable I-USB17
* Strap O-ST84
* Hot Shoe Cover FK
* Eyecup FQ
* Body Mount Cover
* 4 AA Energizer Lithium Batteries
* Software CD-ROM S-SW84

All fitur above could be obtained by you only costing $679,95. Although you must be patient because will be launched mid February of this year.