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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Hell Planet

Paris The astronomer said that they have founded a planet that Had the distance 200 lightyear from the earth with the temperature until 700 celsius degree.

Because its very hot the astronomer give this planet name is The Hell Planet.Why its called hell planet?because in an hour that planet dismissed hot air until 700 levels celcius or around 1300 levels fahrenheit hotter when its around the sun's position.

Nasa astronomer acknowledged that has gathered the image from the planet with a spitzer telescope.1 image shows that there is a blue line in the darkest side of that planet.And then at the opposite side that planet shows a shining red color

We give name of this planet as HD80606b.A planet like a giant ball that born from the gathering gas with weight 4 more times from the biggest planet in this galaxy is Jupiter.

Next Laughlin said that when orbited the galaxy Hd80606b can produced calor untul 1227 levels celcius hotter than larva that come from mountain eruption.

The hot air from that planet can make earth atmosphere become hotter and make a powerfull wind that can moving until 3 mils per second from noon until night.

The scientists prediction that HD80606b can orbited in the sun's orbit once every 114 days