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Sunday, 1 February 2009

New Generation of PSP

The company of the giant's electronics Sony Corp that took place in Japan apparently immediately will release the new generation handheld Plasytation Portable. Usually only to play games then. However this time also could be used to call was proper for a cellular phone.

The newest series that was given name Playstation Portabl 3000 became the subject for the use of technology web, including inside the microphone built-in that was new and the screen has more colors, was suitable to be used outside the house.

this newest PSP was suported by the Skype EBAY.O application that enabled the user to make the telephone call free through the internet, this newest PSP also was suported by the microphone built-in, that will facilitate us in communicating. If being interested, this PSP could u buy with the price US$ 294.