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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Few Steps Must Done by Parents To Protect Their Kids

This is the few steps that parents must watch and practice :

-Software blocking online:

Some software developers has found the golden chance in making program like Cybersitter.This blocking program designed for filter the blocked material with indentificating keyword not permissioned when user send request or compare information the information from user request with list of blacklist sites. The famous supplier online access offer software filtering

-DVD Filtering:
DVD driver that made by RCA inserting filtering technology that developed by ClearPlay. Parent can using this technology for editing side-side that not suitable like disturbing picture ,violence, nudis,oath curse,smelly ethnic slur in the DVD their rented.

-Rating videogame system:
Entertainment Software Ratings Board has rating videogame system that assiciated with kids age.To find game rating parents can visit www.esrb.org/esbratings_search.asp and typing the game name that want to buy.

Telecomunication law US 1996 officially launched v-chip era,the compulsory tool in all the new television with size 13 inch 2 or more that solled after january 2000.With v-chips parents can otomatically blocking program-program that including violence,seks, and other contents that not match with kids


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I did not know many of these technology.

Thanks for sharing!!!