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Sunday, 8 February 2009

3D Film the Future of Home Theater

Around 57 years ago, exactly in December 1952, started 3D trend in cinema. But, just in 1 - 2 years, this trend is disappear, firslty because of used technical problem. The Effect of 3D is not too inscribe. Just pervalent shadow pictures if the head is little move.

appearance now, the condition will much change. More producer and studio film which product their new film. Not only in 2D film, but in 3D format too. even, Pixar film studio and DreamWorks apllied 3D as their standard animation film, like their newest film Bolt and Monster Vs Aliens. Now Their Technology and technical are more different from the technical that applicated in 57 Years ago.

The technical, basic principle which become the baseline of the 3D film is picture reproduction with Stereoscopic process and Like other areas of electronic entertainment. producers have not yet agreed on a standard home theater 3D is used. Currently, there are four technologies used for 3D home theater.

  • XPAND, only work with a projector lens and the light.
  • REAL D to light polarization and requires a special screen is coated with silver.
  • Dolby 3D DIGITAL CINEMA indeed display images - images separately for each - each eye alternately seccara. however, this technique separates the image in a way menbugah wavelength light. adjustments to long waves, the digunkan a color filter wheel that has been sincronization.
  • DOUBLE PROJECTION technique is applied to the movie theater - IMAX cinema. require two projectors that each - each showing a picture ntuk left eye and right eye. here also dipolarisasi glass eyes, but through a linear filter. However, the 3D effects will not be felt, so we head tilt. besides, needed a silver screen.