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Monday, 19 January 2009

Tips Searching in Google

You a person neter? Often browsing through the internet? Also often carried out the search by using the seeker's machine like google, yahoo and so on - other? Nah was supervised this will be written by me several tips and the trick if you carried out the search with used google.com as search engine. (For that has know ignored this article).

This was tips and the search trick by using Google:

  • Find the definition of a word/the term (define) For example: define web -> to look for the definition web.

  • Search the news (news) For example: news linux -> to look for the news about linux.

  • Calculator For example: typing 3+5 to search the result.

  • Conversion of the eyes money For example: $1 in idr -> the conversion 1 dollar the US in rupiah.

  • Type file (file type:) For example: web file type: pdf -> to search with the key word web and the type file pdf.

  • Search the picture (pictures) For example: pictures the mosque -> to look for the picture mosque.

  • Site Search (site:) For example: site :uii.ac.id the new student -> to search with the student's new key word dImagei the site uii.ac.id.

  • Weather (weather) For example: weather Jakarta -> to look for information of the city weather London * Search URL (in url:).