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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Lenovo Give Wii Sensation in PC Games

Once you played game Nintendo Wii beforehand? Possibly you thought about buying the consul game this Nintendo Wii. However Lenovo planned to produce the Wii sensation in their PC.

The sensation played games at Nintendo Wii indeed greated. However Lenovo tried to produce this sensation through his PC equipment. Be enough by waving PC control re-beads, user could control game. PC IdeaCentre A600 this combined between the monitor and CPU in a thin system. PC this was supplemented with a control re-bead, resembled re-beads to Nintendo Wii, that enabled user interacted with game that appeared in the monitor.

Apart from having a function of controlling the function of the TV and the video recording in PC, these control re-beads could be also used as mouse to move pointer mouse when being waved. This has a clear advantage compared to mouse normally, because of not needing a special surface, as well as could be operated on from the distance, the example while sitting in the sofa or lay down in the bed. Not only that, mouse this also could function as handset VoIP.

IdeaCentre A600 that promoted in the price US$999 this had the screen 21.5 inchi, used the Pentium Dual Core processor, RAM 4GB and storage this 1TB. Desktop had the connection of Wi-Fi and used the operation system Windows the Vista. Moreover also was equipped with Blue-Ray DVD player, the TV tuner and the graphic ATI AMD card.

IdeaCentre A600 will be exhibited in the Consumer Electronic Show Site on January 8-11 in Las Vegas.