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Monday, 8 December 2008

Photo Mugs Use For Tea Drinking Unique

Have you tried photo mugs? Mugs don't have to be ordinary. Although they are an everyday item, we can make them into a household accessory that we will really enjoy using. We drink a lot of tea and coffee. In fact, the tea break is a national institution. There are also very few problems that can't be improved by having a nice cup of tea. Since tea drinking is so important, why not make sure that we drink our tea out of something that we will really love – a photo mug? 

Most of us have hundreds or thousands of digital photos lying around. They are stored on hard drives and memory cards, and we may even have printed a few out before the novelty wore off. That means that we don't look at most of our photos, unless we happen to set up a slideshow on our computer. However, there is one fun thing that we can do with all those photos. We can create unique gifts such as photo mugs. 

Photo mugs are mug-sized, obviously, but otherwise there's no limit when it comes to deciding what kind of photo to use. It's more important to choose a photo that you truly love and won't mind looking at every day. Many people choose to use photos of children, loved ones or pets, or of scenic locations that hold special memories. Whatever your choice, all you have to do is upload your photo and the process of creating your photo mug can begin. 

While most of the photo mugs you see have colour photos, you may also be able to choose black and white for a more artistic look, or sepia, which harks back to the early days of film. Whichever you choose, your photo will look striking. Before selecting the company which will make your mug, check to see what services are on offer. 

Ideally, your photo mugs should be dishwasher safe – who wants to wash all the tea mugs by hand? That means that even after you've drunk 100 cups of tea the colours on your photo should still be vibrant and lively. Colourfast photo mugs are also a great idea. Check for the size and quality of the mugs themselves. You want a mug that will hold a decent sized drink and that will keep your hot drinks hot. 

There's also great variety on how your photos are presented on photo mugs. Some companies stick the same photo front and back, leaving white space near the handle and the opposite side. Some tile the same photo on the front and back. Even better, some companies wrap the photo around the entire mug, leaving no white space. This is far more interesting for the user. Don't forget that you can create a collage of your favourite images before uploading to make your mug have even more appeal. 

If you're looking for gifts that are suitable for friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances, then photo mugs make ideal presents.