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Monday, 8 December 2008

The General Facts About The Cancer

Among all diseases that affect humanity, cancer ranks high as a major killer. Reports have it that cancer is responsible for about 300,000 deaths that occur in America annually. Also, it is estimated that about one million people living in the United States of America, receive treatments about cancer every year. This will really show you the level that this particular disease has reached in its onslaught in the lives of people. If adequate caution is not taken, and this scourge continues, then sooner than later, a larger percentage of the citizenry will develop cancer.

When we talk about cancer, it is a disease that has many branches or networks, and each branch is as deadly as the other. There is no type of cancer that we can say that this is a minor cancer or that the other is a major cancer. All types of cancers are killer diseases which should be avoided like a plague. All these types of cancers are nothing but malignant tumors. A tumor is a swelling or mass resulting from abnormal growth of tissue. Sometimes, this malignant tumor which can lead to a chronic ulcer grows irregularly and tries to infiltrate the surrounding tissues, and this exercise can be carried to the other parts of the body, through the blood channels, when it gets settled in any part of the body, it begins to grow there. Cancer has the capacity to damage some vital organs or tissues of the body. This in turn, leads to other diseases and death.

Statistics shows that deaths which occurs as a result of cancer is still on the increase. Developed countries of the world, with highly organized and artificial state of the society have more cancer cases than the underdeveloped countries. So this is clarion call for these developed nations to pay more attention to cancer related cases. If cancer is detected at the early stage, it can be effectively cured, but an advanced cancer is a bit difficult to treat, and it is always with one form of surgery or the other, though, doctors are still trying to find out other ways to treat cancer without surgery. The highest challenge facing the timely eradication of this case is that most of them are not identified early enough. In most occasions, before cancer could be detected, it would have grown and spread to the extent that it becomes difficult to treat or even seem incurable, especially when it is the type of cancer that has to do with the deeper organs of the body.

Another problem that medical experts in this field are facing in the treatment of cancer is that even those that can easily be detected and treated are not being detected, due to the ignorance of the masses on this issue and some are neglected just out of sheer carelessness. A lot of people still believe that cancer is incurable, therefore going to the hospital to seek medical attention is a waste of time and energy and money. Therefore they will simply resign themselves to faith waiting for the date that death will come knocking. Ignorance is really a disease. Let us try and educate ourselves, and by so doing, we could save more lives.