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Monday, 8 December 2008

Alliens Squid

Away in dark him sea in the depth 2,5 kilometre evidently lived of the strange squid. This squid deserved to be mentioned alien because the form of his body is different from the squid generally and had never been found beforehand.

The squid that was estimated from the Magnapinna group because of having the big fins had long and big tentacles that more were similar to arms. Moreover his form was similar foot bersi I because in his middle could fold. It was long that his body around 7 metre.

Seen from his behaviour, arms that dimilik him was possibly very strong. Because, in the calculation of the second, these big squid arms moved be proper for belalai the elephant and afterwards partly folded be proper for foot that bersi I.

The squid noose alien that was recorded by the small submarine without the crew member who brought the low camera water belonging to the Shell oil company last November 11 in the Mexican Gulf around 320 kilometre from Houston, Texas, this AS.

Video showed the need of attention of the company of the oil miner to care about the influence of the operation and offshore drilling against the low life of water that often was not yet touched humankind.