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Friday, 12 June 2009

Peregrine Gaming Gloves Change Your Hand Become Keyboard

Keyboard interface is most important that must be owned a computer and after several decades of no change much. Products that try to replace the last function is kerboard Peregrine Gloe, though does not seem to be replacing the keyboard for your Mac or PC, but may make you more addicted to the online RPG games with its functions which can not be imitated by any of the keyboard ...

Demonstrated at E3, Peregrine is essentially a glove with elastic cables that sewed on some part in it. Connecting the finger - the finger and palm, and you change the signal to be generated key that you used to have to press on the keyboard. For example when you clink your thumb with the index finger, then you can remove the magic, you touch the palm with the middle finger food you can heal themselves, etc..

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 Comming Soon

Another rumor that a reality. Left 4 Dead is not even complete a year we will play soon.
When you view the reputation that supports the Valve game Team Fortress 2 as a full with the update, very odd because Left 4 Dead running without a lot of update means that the DLC and through their direct spawn both games. But I do not care as long as can still kill Zombie in this:).

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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Japanese Society is Sick

Yesterday evening, after work I still spare time to the lab, and had a meeting with my Chinese friends that I frequently get discussed. Last night we discussed the rarity of disease or may be suffered by the people of Japan. As cities or countries to move towards a level more advanced civilization, Japan also experienced drastic changes, not only in the world of science and technology but social change, character, habits and behavior of communities.

Because of fears the same will happen to the people of the city in Indonesia, this paper I make. Some time ago in a TV station broadcast a business that provides facilities for the Japanese men who want to feel a woman. In business it is even in the sorry-clothes worn by women to the men. A customer who is also a lecturer at Tokyo's top universities claim to this as a good business, and when asked if the face and may show the appearance after the style of dress up in women's TV screen, with relax he said, please! This case is reasonable, he said. The desire to become a woman, that must be paid in million yen that we as a society deviation of the forward phase of stress. With the rush and pressure level in the work which is very high, the Japanese simply do not have time to brood. They do after the most stressful work is going to drink until drunk, go to the house-residence, which provides sexual services, or things that other do not make sense.

Some time ago, also displayed a small dog-shaped robot that voice, we can greet the master to return home. Even when touch give voice spoiled. Robot dogs were created merely to replace the wife's position for Japanese men who have not married or position of the husband for a woman who has not married. Number of children who kill their parents or their families also increased, due to stress not only the world of work but also the weight of school and suffered by those who do not pass the entrance examination PT, unemployed or stay all day or read the comics at home. The number of young Japanese who named NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) increase from year to year. Many of those who can not rent an apartment to stay settled by using a 'net cafe' as the place overnight. Enough to pay the yen, they can sitting throughout the night in a small closet-room equipped with chairs and tables, plus of course the internet. Life growing net cafe in Tokyo, and the charming view this as an effort to scrape the money, go with a network of cities in the other forward. The term 'Otaku' named to the Japanese people who spend time at home all day to read comics (Otaku mango) or watch DVDs or play PDS, and other hobby. They are not out of the house, so give name with 'Otaku' (home). If people have such severe pain, not a psychologist is required. Not also that the more money, or the more advanced technology to satisfy their desire. But they need to know is time religion. Time to think of it, time to think what it is to live? Unfortunately the Japanese do not have this. Hopefully the people all over the world, although any advance beyond the city remains aware that he is being the very need for protection and love

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Monday, 1 June 2009

Mobile phone LG-GD900 Crystal - Transparent Keyboard Ponsel First in The World Will be Launched

LG announced that the newest mobile phone LG-GD900 Crystal, which is the first mobile phone with keboard transparant in the world will be released in 40 countries in the world.

LG-GD900 Crystal2

This mobile phone has been shown at Mobile World Congress and CTIA, and also include a "gesture Shortcut" on the keyboard, that allows you to access the different functions. For example, drawing on the M keyboard with your hands will open the mp3 player in mobile phone, a circle will increase or decrease the volume.

LG-GD900 Crystal1

In addition, LG-GD900 Crystal strengthened by 8 Megapixel camera, 3-inch WVGA LCD, 32GB internal memory, Wi-Fi and Blue tooth

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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ravage USB Flash Drive - USB Drive That Can Transform As Transformer

Maybe when you're still a child, you love to collecting transformers toys. So you might remember one of the transformers that called Ravage. Ravage is a transformer that can fold itself into a micro-cassette so, it can easily penetrate to go anywhere. Now Ravage is come back, but not as a micro tapes but a micro-USB Flash Drive ...

You can get Ravage USB Flash Drive in BigBadToyStore with price $ 42.99, quite expensive for a 2GB USB Drive but capicity is not a reason for buy this product.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

Cybook Opus Ebook Reader Place in Your Pocket

An e-book reader, onse weight around 5.3, the latest portable equipment Booken, called Opus Cybook has a sharp 200 dpi resolution and in addition also support PDF format, something that is not owned Kindle 2 ...

although the size of bag, including Opus dispaly that are 6 inches standard, flash memory 1Gbnya accommodate ePub, PDF, HTML and text format. Medley also have access to a catalog with more than 150,000 titles. Battery life time is estimated to be 8.000 pages. If in standby tool can survive for 21 days.

Not yet there are news about the price, but Opus will arrive in June 2009

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Friday, 15 May 2009

Macbook Air Competitor From MSI: X400 and X600

MSI Previously known as the computer maker until occurrence revolution that named netbook and the company get started with the wind u100. u100 is one of the best netbook that available in the market. To continue the perfrmance, Now MSI prepared to launch the competition for macbook Air with X-Slim newest model that called x400 and x600.

Pricing and exact for launching date of the x400 and x600 still not known. Info that we can give is that the x400 will have 14-inch screen and will boast his Li-poly battery that very small and the x400 is only have 1.5 kg weight. While the x600 will offer 15-inch screen with a total weight 2.1 kg. Hopefully the laptop from MSI will be give us a new color in the world of notebook.

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